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Samoa, is located in the southern Pacific Ocean. What is also gaining much prominence in this island nation is the developing gambling sector especially in the bookmakers and sports betting. Therefore, in the recent past, Samoa has moved to legalize and or at least regulate a number of forms of gambling thus offering the locals and tourists with a wealth of options. This article delves into the details of the Samoa bookmakers, gambling laws, and legislation as well as the key regulatory bodies and the flourishing sports betting culture.

Samoa Bookmakers

2010: Casino and Gambling Control Act enacted and becomes law.

2012: Revision of the 2010 act.

2015: The Casino and Gambling Control Amendment Bill governs gambling legislation.

2016: The proposed Gaming Control Bill with provisions on RGP.

2021: GCA halts dividends to concentrate on donations to the public.

History of Gambling Laws and Legislation

Early Years

Before 2010, majority of gambling was unlawful in Samoa but lottery was an exceptio. It was, however, from the enactment of the Casino and Gambling Control Act 2010 which aimed at developing the tourism sector and enhancing the standard of living in Samoa. This Act created the Gambling control authority (GCA) whose main function was to promote integrity in gambling and grant operating licenses to eligible persons.

Key Legislative Milestones

  • 2010: The Casino and Gambling Control Act 2010 was passed and signed into law thus forming the GCA.
  • 2012: Another amendment to the 2010 Act provided further elaboration of the laws concerning casino gambling.
  • 2015: This act is known as Casino and Gambling Control Amendment Act 2015 that focused on interactive and online gambling.
  • 2016: Gaming Control Bill that was proposed included provision for responsible gambling but it did not lead to much change in online gambling laws.
  • 2018: The main document was amended, however, no substantial alterations concerning online gambling were made.

Regulatory Agencies

The primary regulator of the gambling activities in Samoa is the thereby called Gambling Control Authority (GCA). The GCA was set under the 2010 Act and its mandate includes encouraging integrity and honesty in gambling, licensing, and enforcement of the law. It also has an important part in the development of the community in as much as it supports the charitable institutions and sports activities financially.

Functions of the GCA

  • The regulation of the gambling operators and the issuing of licenses.
  • Reporting and enforcing on gambling laws
  • Promoting responsible gambling
  • Assistance in funding of community projects

Samoa Bookmakers Licenses and Fees

Licensing Process

To set up a gambling business in Samoan territory, one has to apply for an operating permit from the GCA. The government permits two licensed casinos based on the idea of boosting tourism in the country. Presently, both the licenses are owned by Grey Investment Group that runs Whitesands Casino.

License Types and Fees

  • Casino Licenses: Characteristic of hotel-casino establishments; strictly controlled to limit local people’s involvement. Fees are set and are available on the GCA’s webpage.
  • Non-Profit Gambling Licenses: May be used in fundraising activities and the use of these items should be duly approved by the GCA.

Taxes and Fees

  • Casino Operators: Pay a one off license fee.
  • Players: None of the gambling winnings in Samoa are going to be taxed from the players.
  • Non-Resident Winners: This may be subject to a 30% withholding tax which can be reclaimed, although this is often not cost effective.

Samoa Sports Betting

The sport betting industry in Samoa is quite popular and still developing, and people from Samoa and other countries engage in it. Although the main concern has been on the conventional forms of gambling, sports betting is fast gaining momentum owing to the effects of globalization and international events.

Legal Framework

  • 2010 Casino and Gambling Control Act: Serves as the foundation of the legal foundation of all gambling activities and sports betting inclusive.
  • Interactive Gambling: Still, online sports betting is also legal under the 2015 Amendment Act although it still falls in the grey area due to no certain laws governing it.

Prohibited and Allowed Bets

  • Allowed: On horse racing, rugby and other authorized sports activities.
  • Prohibited: Still, unregulated online gambling is relatively legal, and the players are not arrested.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

Samoa has a great background when it comes to sports especially rugby, and this has boosted the use of sports betting.

  • 1991: Samoa is making it to the quarterfinals in its first Rugby World Cup appearance.
  • 2008: Samoa takes the title for the Pacific Nations Cup.
  • 2011: Samoa, once again claimed the championship for the Pacific Nations Cup.
  • 2019: The sports event of the Pacific Games is won by Samoa.
  • 2021: The GCA stops paying dividents to the government and starts focusing on how to help the community.

Prominent Figures and Events

  • Brian Lima: Ex-Rugby union player who was awarded the membership to the IRB hall of fame in the year 2011.
  • Michael Jones: CONTRARY TO earlier reports that it has named Feleti Tetechi as captain, Samoa has, instead, named Brian Lima as its captain for the 2007 Pacific Nations Cup.
  • David Tua: A well known American heavyweight boxer who was the WBO heavyweight champion in 2001.
  • Troy Polamalu: An American NFL football player playing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and has been selected for the Pro Bowl eight times.
  • Junior Seau: A football player of the San Diego Chargers, NFL, and was selected for the Pro Bowl 12 times.


The regulation of gambling in Samoa has been a process that has been well defined by key legislations and the putting in place of a good regulatory structure. Although there is still work to be done especially in terms of online gambling, the country has done quite well in ensuring that there is integrity and people gamble responsibly. Due to the lively sports betting industry and Samoa’s historical and ongoing commitment to sports, Samoa is a new market in the world of gambling.

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