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The modern world of sports betting is constantly developing, and North America is the best reflection of this trends. From the casinos in Las Vegas to avid sports fans in Canada and Mexico, sports betting is an increasingly popular form of entertainment. This guide aims at providing an overview of the present situation of sports betting in North America, as well as the gambling laws and the corresponding regulators in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras. Keep reading to find out about the kinds of gambling licenses and how they are crucial for the North America bookmakers.

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USA: Thus, starting from 2011, the Wire Act is only relevant to sports betting.

Canada: Ontario will ban hiring athletes to promote gambling starting in early 2024.

Mexico: Online slot games were also made legal as forms of lottery in the year 2016.

El Salvador: The laws proposed in the year 2021 is to control online gambling.

Honduras: This is the Law on Gaming Houses or Gaming of Chance (1977) till today.

Understanding North America Bookmakers

Bookmakers in North America are very essential in the gambling system. They help in the placing of bets, provide odds and make sure that the betting is done in the right manner and without any hitches. However, the activities of such companies are closely related to the legislation of the specific country or region.

The Emergence of Sporting Activities Betting in North America

This paper aims to understand the trends of sports betting and its growth within the past years based on technological enhancements and revised legal systems. This trend is being taken advantage of by the North America bookmakers and has created numerous ways for the bettors across the continent to participate.

The importance of knowing gambling laws

The legal framework is a significant factor that affects both the operators and the players in the industry and thus needs to be understood. It helps to avoid legal problems and maintain a normal work of the company for operators, adhering to the legislation of the country. Thus, players are provided with a safer and more transparent gambling environment.

An overview of Gambling Laws in the USA

Sports betting in the USA has gone through many changes in recent times. Some of the most recognized laws are presented in the following list: the Interstate Wire Act, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA).

Key Laws and Regulations

  • The Interstate Wire Act (1961): This law was initially passed to fight against the unlawful gambling systems; thus, it bans the usage of wire communication to convey betting information. Nonetheless, in 2011, the US Department of Justice published an opinion that the Wire Act is relevant only to the sports betting and not to the other types of Internet gambling.
  • The UIGEA (2006): This act deals with payments concerning online gambling; it becomes unlawful for the operators to accept payments for bets made in areas where the operators are not allowed to conduct business.
  • The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (1992): Repealed in 2018, this act outlawed sports betting across the US, but for a couple of states such as Nevada.

Licensing Requirements

  • Each state has its own licensing requirements, but generally, they include:
  • To have a trade or business law firm office, one must have a registered legal entity in the state.
  • Signing a business arrangement with a land based casino.
  • Approving the gambling platform for use.

Canadian Laws Regarding to Gambling

Gambling is permitted and is regulated by the provinces in the Canada. The principal federal statute is the Criminal Code of Canada that states which types of the gaming activities are prohibited unless they are carried out by a provincial government.

Key Regulatory Bodies

  • Canadian Gaming Commission: Supervises the entire business in its entirety.
  • Provincial Authorities: All of them have its own regulatory authority like the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for instance.

Licensing and Compliance

The services of gambling operators are allowed in Ontario only if they are registered with the AGCO and have a working contract with iGaming Ontario. The regulation of endorsing athletes and social media influencers for advertisements will be enforced starting February 2024.

Mexico’s Gambling Legislation

In Mexico, the regulation of commercial gaming is done by the Ministry of the Interior commonly referred to as SEGOB. The gambling law of the country has been last revised in the year 2004 and does not contain provisions on the internet gambling.

Key Laws and Regulations

  • Gaming Law (1947): Regulates all types of gambling whether it is in a casino or lottery.
  • Recent Amendments (2012, 2013): Mention improvement in the technology on the gaming industry.
  • Legalization of Slot Machines (2016): Slot machines game which is regarded as a lottery game was allowed during the administration of Felipe Calderon.

Licensing Types

  • The following is the licenses for operating horse and greyhound racetracks, jai alai fronton arenas and remote betting centers.
  • Gambling at national fairs and its legal authorisation.
  • Licensing of temporary horse races and cock fighting.
  • Licenses for lottery games.

El Salvador’s Gambling Landscape

Although gambling in El Salvador is officially prohibited, many types of gambling are permitted and are hence practiced.

Key Regulatory Bodies

  • National Charity Lottery (LNB): Has the lottery and has introduced online betting through Dale. sv.
  • Gaming Law Proposal (2021): Proceso: Propose to extend the gambling laws to cover the online casinos and sports betting.

Licensing and Compliance

The proposed law is to permit the LNB to regulate and control sports betting and online casino games, which will be granted with 10 years’ validity of licenses.

Honduras’ Gambling for North America Bookmakers

The Honduran Institute of Tourism (IHT) controls the gambling business in Honduras. The existing law in the country is Ley de Casinos de Juegos de Envite o Azar (1977), but this law does not address on-line gambling.

Key Regulatory Bodies

  • Honduran Institute of Tourism (IHT): Manages the facilities for gambling that are not online based.
  • Loterías Electronicas de Honduras S. A. : Control all the market of the lottery.

Licensing and Compliance

Licenses have to be acquired from the IHT and they can last for one year to 25 years.


The current situation of sports betting and online gambling in North America is constantly changing. Thus, the knowledge of the legislation and the licensing of the services can vary from one country to another in this industry. When it comes to the USA’s state-wise guidelines, the chance and risk in Canada’s provincial norms, and the transforming laws of Mexico, the potential and risks are vast.

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