Solomon Islands Bookmakers

The Solomon Islands is an island country in the South Pacific, has a long standing history of gambling and sports betting rules and regulations. This article focuses on Solomon Islands bookmakers and sports betting, exploring the legal framework for gambling in the country, the authorities that regulate gambling, the types of bets that are allowed and prohibited, gambling licenses and their costs, and the specifics of sports betting. At the end, you will be able to comprehend the overall working of bookmakers in the Solomon Islands legal context.

Solomon Islands Bookmakers

1961: Gaming and Lotteries Ordinance made.

1987: Formation of the Gaming and Lotteries Board.

1991: First online gambling license is given to New Discoveries.

1996: The major changes to the Gaming and Lotteries Act.

2004: Gambling being allowed only to foreigners and in the hotels and resorts only.

History of Gambling Laws in the Solomon Islands

The Gaming and Lotteries Act was established in 1961 marking the beginning of regulation of gambling in the Solomon Islands. This Act provided a basis for gambling business such as casinos and bookmakers.

  • 1961: A law known as the Gaming and Lotteries Ordinance was passed to establish some rules on the gambling. It opened for everyone who was 18 years and above with conditions for the participants under 18 years to be accompanied by their parents or guardians.
  • 1987: The creation of the Gaming and Lotteries Board to enforce the law on gambling through issuing of permits and licenses.
  • 1991: The first online gambling license was granted to New Discoveries and the company is allowed to conduct casino, sports, and totalisator operations around the world.
  • 1996: Some major changes made to the Gaming and Lotteries Act made it a complete legal regulation of commercial gambling.
  • 2004: The Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Bill permitted gambling to the foreign tourists in the hotel complexes only.

Regulation of Solomon Islands Bookmakers

The supreme authority in charge of regulating the provision of gambling services in Solomon Islands is the Gaming and Lotteries Board. The Board was set up in 1987 and is comprised of five persons appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs. This agency is responsible for:

Issuing of permits and licenses for gaming.

  • Maintaining the legal requirements provided in the laws and regulations for all the licensed premises.
  • Carrying out the physical assessments through the appointed inspectors at the site of business.

Allowed and Prohibited Bets

Gambling is legal in Solomon Islands; the country allows casino and sports betting among other forms of gambling. However, there are restrictions on who can participate and where gambling can occur:

  • Allowed Bets: Gambling games such as American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Chinese Mahjong, and others and sports betting.
  • Prohibited Bets: Casual gamers are not allowed to engage in the commercial gaming; only people from outside the locality can gamble in the hotels.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

The process of getting an operating license for gambling in the Solomon Islands is quite a lengthy one and is done under the Gaming and Lotteries Board. The types of licenses and associated fees are as follows:

  • Casino Licenses: These are issued to operators who fulfill certain conditions and they allow the provision of casino games. The fee structure also differs in the capacity of the operations that are to be conducted.
  • Online Gambling Licenses: These licenses are beneficial to companies such as New Discoveries as they permit the provision of online casino games and sports betting. Fees vary depending on the extent of the online activities to be carried out.

Gambling Taxes

Gambling operators are charged with several taxes which in turn boost the revenue of the nation. There is a clear structure of the tax rates which help to make all the operators contribute their fair shares while at the same developing the sector.

Solomon Islands Sports Betting

Sporting activities especially soccer is an important activity in the Solomon Islands and the people can place their bets with the bookmakers. Football stands as the most popular sport in the country, and in this regard, the sporting culture of the country is evident. Key aspects of sports betting include:

  • Football Competitions: Solomon Islands Football Federation controls many leagues, and there are many chances for betting on sports.
  • Futsal and Beach Soccer: These are also other sports that are practiced and the national futsal team has also performed well and emerged champions in many international competitions.
  • Rugby and Other Sports: The nation also has lively sports culture in rugby, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and other games which also add up to the sports betting market.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

The Solomon Islands has achieved several remarkable milestones in sports, contributing to the vibrant sports betting scene:

  • 1988: Solomon Islands gained membership to the international governing body for soccer known as FIFA.
  • 2008: The futsal team of the country emerged champions in the Oceania Futsal Championship.
  • 2009: Elliot Ragomo is the holder of the fastest goal in an official futsal game.
  • Multiple years: National beach soccer team has clinched the Oceania Regional Championships.
  • 2006: In the World Cup qualifiers Solomon Islands football team was able to defeat New Zealand.


The Solomon Islands is making improvements in its gambling laws and regulation in order to maintain the proper balance of the growth of the industry and protection of the people. Thus, the Solomon Islands Bookmakers and Solomon Islands sports betting aficionados should be aware of this framework as it provides an essential background for the gambling industry in this South Pacific nation.

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