Are you looking for the best online sports betting sites in Europe? Europe Bookmakers has got you covered! We have put together a list of the best Europe bookmakers and online sports betting sites. Whether you like football or horse racing, we have something for everyone. You can get bonuses like free bets and matched deposits. Plus, we offer Acca Insurance, Early Payout and Price Boosts to help you get an advantage over other bettors. With our in-depth reviews and unbiased ratings of all the top Europe bookmakers, you can be sure to find the best online sports betting sites that suit your needs. So, check out our comprehensive list and start betting with Europe Bookmakers today!

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Welcome to the world of sports betting in Europe! If you like football, horse racing, basketball, tennis or any other sport then you are in the right place. In this blog post we will tell you about the best online sports betting sites for European bettors.

From Dafabet to 888Sports and Mrgreen, our list has lots of great websites that offer different bets and a great experience. You can bet if you have done it before or if it is your first time. These bookmakers will give you chances to win big and lots of excitement!

top Europe bookmakers

top Europe bookmakers

We’ll also be highlighting the top Europe bookmakers for specific categories such as football, horse racing, basketball, and tennis. So no matter which sport gets your adrenaline pumping, we’ve got you covered with recommendations that will enhance your betting experience.

Various bonus offers

Various bonus offers

And what’s more? We’ll be delving into some fantastic offers provided by these European bookmakers. From matched deposit bonuses to free bets and acca insurance – we’ll show you how to make the most out of these promotions and boost your chances of winning.

So buckle up and get ready for an action-packed ride through the world of Europe bookmakers. It’s time to take your love for sports one step further by placing strategic bets on your favorite teams and players. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Europe Bookmakers

Europe is a haven for sports enthusiasts and betting aficionados alike. With a rich history of sporting events and a passionate fan base, it comes as no surprise that Europe boasts some of the best bookmakers in the world. From established giants to innovative newcomers, there’s something for every type of bettor.

Broad sports market.

Broad sports market

These Europe bookmakers offer an extensive range of sports markets, catering to both popular and niche sports. Whether you’re into mainstream favorites like football and tennis or prefer more unique options such as handball or esports, these bookmakers have you covered.

Europe bookmakers have a lot of sports to bet on. Their website and app make it easy to place bets while you are on the go. They also have safe payment options and help if you need it. So if you want to bet on your favorite team or try something new, Europe bookmakers can give you an exciting experience!

Top Europe Betting Sites List

When it comes to online sports betting in Europe, there are several top-notch websites that offer a wide range of options for punters. Among the leading names in the industry are Dafabet to 888Sports and Mrgreen.


Dafabet is known for its extensive sportsbook and competitive odds. They cover a variety of sports including football, basketball, tennis, and more. With their user-friendly interface and excellent customer support, Dafabet is a favorite among European bettors.

Up To £100 Visit Site

Another popular choice among European bettors is 888Sports. With a sleek interface and user-friendly platform, 888Sports offers an exceptional betting experience. Plus, they provide a variety of promotions and bonuses to keep things exciting.

Bet £10 Get £10 Visit Site

Last but not least on our list is Mrgreen. This bookmaker is renowned for its extensive selection of sports markets and live betting options. From football to basketball to cricket, Mrgreen has something for everyone.

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These three bookmakers have earned their spot as top contenders in Europe due to their reliable platforms, diverse sports offerings, and attractive promotional deals.

Top Europe Sports Bookmakers by Category

When it comes to sports betting in Europe, some top bookmakers stand out from the crowd. These bookmakers cater to different categories of sports, ensuring that every sports enthusiast can find their favorite game and place bets with ease.


In the realm of football, 22Bet takes the crown as one of the best Europe bookmakers. With a wide range of football markets and competitive odds, they offer an exciting platform for both casual bettors and seasoned punters.

Up To £122 Visit Site

For horse racing enthusiasts, Mrplay is a top choice among Europe bookmakers. They provide comprehensive coverage of races from around the world, along with live streaming options and attractive promotions specifically tailored for horse racing fans.

Bet £10 Get £10 Visit Site

Basketball lovers will find Betmaster to be their go-to option among Europe bookmakers. With extensive coverage of basketball events globally and a user-friendly interface, Betmaster makes it easy for bettors to navigate through various markets and place bets on their favorite teams.

Up To £100 Visit Site

Best Europe Bookmakers Football

When it comes to football betting, Europe has some of the best bookmakers in the business. One such bookmaker is 1xBet, which stands out for its extensive coverage of football matches from leagues all over the world. Whether you’re a fan of the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A or any other league, you’ll find an impressive selection of markets and competitive odds on 1xBet.


Not only does 1xBet offer a wide range of betting options for football enthusiasts, but they also provide attractive promotions and bonuses specifically tailored for football fans. From free bets to enhanced odds offers, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your winnings while enjoying your favorite sport.

Up To £100 Visit Site

With its user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility, 1xBet ensures that placing bets on football matches is convenient and accessible wherever you are. So if you’re looking for a top Europe bookmaker that excels in providing excellent football betting experiences, look no further than 1xBet!

Top Europe Bookmakers for Horse Racing

When it comes to horse racing betting in Europe, one online bookmaker stands out from the rest – Melbet. With its wide range of horse racing markets and competitive odds, Melbet is a top choice for both casual bettors and seasoned punters.


At Melbet, you’ll find an impressive selection of races from all around the world, including major events like the Grand National and Royal Ascot. Whether you’re looking to back a favorite or take a chance on an outsider, Melbet has you covered with its comprehensive race coverage.

Bet £30 Get £30 Visit Site

Not only does Melbet offer a great selection of races, but they also provide useful features such as live streaming and in-depth form guides. This allows bettors to make more informed decisions when placing their bets. So if you’re passionate about horse racing and want access to the best markets and features available, look no further than Melbet.

Best Europe Bookmakers for Basketball

When it comes to basketball betting, Europe has some top-notch bookmakers that cater to the needs of avid bettors. One such platform is Betwinner, which stands out for its comprehensive coverage and competitive odds.

With Betwinner, you can find a wide range of basketball leagues from all around the world, including popular ones like the NBA and EuroLeague. Whether you’re a fan of live betting or pre-match wagers, this bookmaker has got you covered with numerous options to choose from.


Not only does Betwinner offer an extensive selection of basketball markets, but they also provide attractive bonuses and promotions specifically tailored for basketball enthusiasts. From enhanced odds on major games to special accumulator offers, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your winnings while enjoying the thrill of betting on your favorite sport.

Up To £100 Visit Site

Betwinner user-friendly interface and seamless mobile compatibility make it easy for bettors to access their accounts anytime, anywhere. With their reliable customer support team ready to assist you 24/7, you can rest assured that your basketball betting experience will be smooth and enjoyable with Betwinner as your trusted bookmakers.

Top Europe Bookmakers for Tennis

When it comes to finding the best Europe bookmakers for tennis, Jetbull is a top contender. With their wide range of betting options and competitive odds, they have become a go-to choice for tennis enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to bet on Grand Slam events or smaller tournaments, Jetbull has got you covered.


One of the reasons why Jetbull stands out in the world of tennis betting is its user-friendly platform. It’s easy to navigate and place bets quickly, allowing you to stay focused on the action on the court. Their live betting feature also adds an exciting element by allowing you to wager in real time as matches unfold.

Up To £130 Visit Site

Jetbull has lots of special offers especially if you like tennis. You can get better odds on matches and bonuses for tournaments like Wimbledon or the French Open. If you love tennis and want a place to bet where you can win more money, Jetbull is the right choice!

Best Europe Bookmakers Offers

Europe Bookmakers are known for their generous offers and promotions that attract sports bettors from all over the continent. These bookmakers go above and beyond to provide exciting bonuses and incentives to enhance the betting experience.

Matched deposit bonus

Matched deposit bonus

One of the most popular offers is the matched deposit bonus, where bookmakers match a percentage of your initial deposit as a bonus. This gives you more funds to wager on your favorite sports events.

Offer free betting bonus

Offer free betting bonus

Another enticing offer is the free bet bonus, which allows you to place a wager without using your own money. It’s like getting a risk-free opportunity to win big!

Provide Acca insurance

Provide Acca insurance

Acca insurance is another fantastic offer available at Europe Bookmakers. If one leg of your accumulator bet loses, you can get your stake back or receive a free bet in return. This helps minimize losses and keeps you in the game.

Offer cash out betting

Offer cash out betting

These bookmakers also offer an early Cash out betting option where they will pay out before full time if your team takes the lead early, regardless of the final result. Even if things change late in the game, you’ve already earned some bonuses, which adds an extra layer of excitement.

Enhanced odds bonus

Enhanced odds bonus

European bookmakers often offer Enhanced odds bonuses on selected events or markets. This means they improve the odds on a particular bet, giving you a better potential return.

With such incredible offers available at Europe Bookmakers, it’s no wonder why they are considered among the best in online sports betting! So take advantage of these promotions and make every wager count towards bigger wins!

Matched Deposit Bonus

Matched Deposit Bonus is a special offer some bookmakers in Europe give. When you sign up, they will give you extra money when you make your first deposit. For example, if the bookmaker offers a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to €100 and you deposit €50, they will give you an extra €50 to play with.

New players add funds

New players add funds

This bonus is a great way for new players to boost their bankroll and have more funds to wager on their favorite sports events. It provides an excellent opportunity to explore different betting markets and try out various strategies without risking too much of your own money.

It’s important to note that each bookmaker has its terms and conditions for the matched deposit bonus. Some may require you to meet certain wagering requirements before withdrawing any winnings, while others may have time limits or minimum odds restrictions. Always read the fine print before claiming this offer!

Free Bet Bonus

When it comes to online sports betting, getting something for free is always a welcome bonus! And that’s where the Free Bet Bonus comes into play. This enticing offer allows you to place bets without risking your own money. It’s like having a risk-free trial on the bookmaker’s platform!

Offer free betting bonus

Offer free betting bonus

The Free Bet Bonus works by giving you a certain amount of bonus funds that can be used to place bets on any sports event of your choice. If you win, the winnings are yours to keep, but if you lose, no worries – it was all with the bookmaker’s money anyway!

These bonuses are often given as part of a welcome package or as ongoing promotions for existing customers. So whether you’re new to online sports betting or a seasoned punter looking for some extra value, keep an eye out for these fantastic Free Bet Bonuses! They can give your bankroll a nice boost and enhance your overall betting experience.

Acca Insurance

Acca Insurance is a fantastic offer provided by many top Europe bookmakers. It’s designed to give bettors some peace of mind when placing accumulator bets.

Refund your bet

Refund your bet

Here’s how it works: if one selection in your accumulator lets you down, the bookmaker will refund your stake as a free bet. This means that even if you miss out on a big win because of just one result, you won’t lose your entire wager.

Acca insurance betting

Acca insurance betting

Accumulator bets can be risky, especially when there are multiple selections involved. Acca Insurance acts as a safety net, allowing you to take more chances and potentially reap bigger rewards without the fear of losing everything.

So, next time you’re considering placing an accumulator bet at an online sportsbook, make sure to check if they offer Acca Insurance. It’s a valuable promotion that could save you from disappointment and keep the excitement alive till the very end!

Cash out betting

Some European bookmakers offer cash out betting services. If you want to make money or don’t want to lose too much, this is a good choice. With cash out betting you can get your winnings before the match or match ends. If your team or individual looks like it’s going to win early, you can choose to finish the game and take home some of the winnings that could have been yours.

offer cash out betting services

Offer cash out betting services

This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and flexibility to sports betting. Whether it’s football, tennis, basketball, or any other sport, Early Payout allows you to stay in control of your bets and make strategic decisions based on how the game unfolds. So even if things start going south during a match, you still have the chance to salvage something from your wager.

Bookmakers in Europe have different ways to give you money early. Some will give it to you if something special happens, like your team going two goals ahead. Others let you ask for the money at any time during the event. Before using this, make sure you know all of the rules for each bookmaker.

Enhanced odds bonus

Enhanced odds bonus is one of the most exciting promotions offered by European bookmakers. This attractive offer allows bettors to increase their potential winnings on their chosen bets. With the Enhanced odds bonus, you get better odds than normal, giving you better value for your money.

offers enhanced odds bonus

offers enhanced odds bonus

These special offers are often available on popular sporting events and can be found on various betting sites across Europe. Whether it’s a football match, a tennis tournament or a basketball match, if you make the right predictions, rising prices will give you the chance to maximize your profits.

To take advantage of the Enhanced odds bonus opportunities, follow your preferred European bookmaker on their website or mobile app. They are often prominently displayed and easily spotted. Don’t miss this great opportunity to increase your winnings and enhance your online betting experience!


Europe Bookmakers is a great place for sports betting. You can bet on football, horse racing, basketball and tennis. When you sign up with one of the recommended Europe betting sites, you get special bonuses like matched deposit bonuses, free bets and more. This will help you have more chances to win money when betting. So don’t wait – sign up today for your chance to win big!


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