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The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a beautiful country situated in the Micronesia region of the central Pacific Ocean. Still, the seemingly tranquil society has a rather stringent legal system that regulates gambling and sports betting. Nevertheless, when it comes to gambling, and especially to the sports betting, the legal framework is rather prohibitive. In this article, an attempt has been made to discuss the current statutes of the Marshall Islands relating to gambling, particularly the Marshall Islands bookmakers and sports betting.

Marshall Islands Bookmakers

1988: It is for the first time that Marshall Islands is participating in Olympic Games.

2015: First gold medal for the first Pacific Games.

2016: Kaitlyn Nelson receiving the first Olympic bronze medal for the nation.

2008: Judo at Beijing Olympics – A bronze medal.

2011: The achievement of the third place in the Volleyball event at the Pacific Games.

Gambling Laws in the Marshall Islands

Prohibition and Legislation

The Marshall Islands has very strict laws concerning gambling as demonstrated by the Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act of 1998. This law greatly restricts the majority of gaming and gambling activities within the country.

Key Provisions:

  • General Prohibition: Gambling or gaming of any form is prohibitively restricted in the Republic to any individual or corporate entity.
  • Equipment Restriction: The possession, use, sale or purchase of gambling machines and the like is prohibited at any time.
  • Definition of Gambling: Gambling is defined as engaging in a game of chance or uncertain outcome in which one places a bet or wager money, or other valuable consideration such as on slot machines and other similar equipment.

Exemptions and Permits

Nevertheless, there are specific activities that are performed by nonprofit organizations and are allowed under the law. Some of the games that can be held to generate funds for certain causes are bingo, raffle and cakewalk.

Requirements for Exemptions:

  • Permit Requirement: Every event Nonprofit organizations hold requires a permit from the local government council, the permit fee being not more than $20.

Penalties for Violations

Violating the Gambling Prohibition Act carries significant penalties:

  • Criminal Penalties: The offenders shall be liable to a fine of up to $1000 or imprisonment for up to one year or both.
  • Civil Penalties: Another civil penalty of one thousand dollars for each day that the violation occurs and/or persists.


The National and Local police have the following enforcing powers to regulate these laws and actions; they can search premises, shut down establishments, arrest suspects, and seize equipment and money involved in gambling activities.

Marshall Islands Permitted Betting Options

Due to a rather stringent legal framework, standard bookmakers and sports betting as a concept known in the majority of the world is not present in the Marshall Islands. But there are certain allowed usages under certain controlled circumstances which are over and above the prohibited usage.

Forex Trading and Options

Although there is no regulation of online gambling, the Marshall Islands permits companies to provide online services and forex trading. This particular market is targeted at people willing to engage in the process of financial trading instead of conventional gambling.

Permitted Gaming Activities

Nonprofit organizations can organize:

  • Bingo: A common model of the fundraising within the community.
  • Raffles: Another common activity for raising funds via ticket sales and other drawings for the prizes.
  • Cakewalks: A musical chairs kind of game where the participants move in a circle to try to get cakes as their rewards.

Licensing and Fees of Marshall Islands Bookmakers

License Types

Since the majority of the gambling is forbidden, there are no particular permits for the traditional bookmakers and sports betting. Thus, the emphasis is made on the permits for exempt activities, as well as the compliance with the regulation of the permitted financial trading platforms.


  • Event Permits for Nonprofits: from $5 up to $20 per permit.
  • Penalties for Violations: Up to $1,000 per day for the ongoing violations.

Regulatory Agencies

The police, both the national and local are in charge of implementing and enforcing the laws that govern gambling and this is in accordance to the Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act of 1998. They are involved in apprehension of offenders, arresting of culprits and seizures of prohibited materials.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

While the Marshall Islands primarily prohibit gambling, the nation boasts a rich sporting history with notable achievements:

  • 1988: The Marshall Islands takes part in the Olympic Games for the first time.
  • 2015: Swimmer David Paul gets the first gold for the nation at the Pacific Games.
  • 2016: The swimmer Kaitlyn Nelson claims the bronze medal in the Rio Olympics and thus, Marshall Islands get its first ever Olympic medal.
  • 2008: Tsunemoto Rachael is a Judoka who wins the Beijing Olympics bronze medal.
  • 2011: The National volleyball team clinches a bronze medal at the Pacific Games in Noumea New Caledonia.


The laws of the Marshall Islands are very strict concerning gambling; this is stipulated in the Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act of 1998, which prohibits traditional sports betting and activities of Marshall Islands bookmakers. Nevertheless, there are such exceptions as nonprofit fundraising events, and financial trading options can be considered as a legal way of engaging in the activities of this kind. As the nation persists on implementing these prescriptions, it is still able to preserve its traditions and at the same time create a healthy living for its population.

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