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Fiji has 332 islands, a total land area of ​​18,333 square kilometers, and an exclusive economic zone of 1.29 million square kilometers. Although it has beautiful sceneries and is a popular tourist destination, Fiji also has a rich and tangled history and legal system related to gambling, especially in the areas of Fiji bookmakers and sports betting. This article will explore the details of the legal framework of gambling laws in Fiji, the background and the existing situation with bookmakers, and the exciting topic of sports betting in Fiji.

Fiji Bookmakers

1968: The act of gaming is legalized by The Gaming Act.

2009: The ultimate Gambling Act is passed.

2012: Fiji Government awards the very first casino operating permit to One Hundred Sands Limited.

2014: Vodafone Pick 6 Lottery is launched and this make Fiji join the list of countries with lotteries.

2024: The public gets into debate when a $2 billion casino plan does not involve the residents of the area.

History of Gambling Laws in Fiji

Initial Legislation

Gambling is another tradition that has been prevalent in Fiji as soon as the Fiji became a colony of Britain. Nonetheless, it was legally prohibited and only became formally legal with the promulgation of The Gaming Act 1968 also known as Ordinance No. 65 of 1968. Looking ahead, the legal context has been gradually developed, and the existing primary legislation is the Gambling Act 2009.

  • The Gaming Act 1968: Lotteries.
  • The Gambling Act 2009: The bill is for all types of gambling with the inclusion of the remote interactive gambling (online gambling).

Types of Legal Gambling

The Gambling Act 2009 categorizes legal gambling as follows:The Gambling Act 2009 categorizes legal gambling as follows:

  • Class I Gambling: This category includes those gamblings that are being done in the name of charity, either through non-profit organizations or through special events.
  • Class II Gambling: It encompasses the business of gambling on land based facilities such as casinos and lotteries.
  • Remote Interactive Gambling: Gambling that can only be done online only if one has a license.

Gambling License of Fiji Bookmakers

There is no specific gambling authority in Fiji at the moment to regulate the gambling business. The licensing of gambling is vested in the President of Fiji. It should be informed that the prospective operators have to submit their applications to the Government of Fiji.

  • License Eligibility: The following is the eligibility criteria among others; Applicants must be at the age of 21 years or above.
  • Fees and Documentation: Enshrised in the Gaming (Forms and Fees) Regulations 2009

Taxation on Gambling

The rates for gambling taxes are set out in the Gambling Turnover Tax Decree. The tax structure is as follows:

  • Gross Proceeds Over $1: It is 15 percent tax.
  • Proceeds Between 51c and 99c: The payment is a definite 15 cents.
  • Proceeds Between 7c and 50c: Stated sum of 7 cents.

Because of this, gambling taxes are imposed on top of the ordinary corporate taxes of 20%. But, the winnings of the players are not subject to any tax, which is a major plus going for the individual bettors.

Early Days and Regulation

Bookmakers, set sports betting originated in India during the British rule. The first really significant piece of legislation appeared in 1968, with further clarification in the 2009 Act.

  • Remote Interactive Gambling: Legalized in 2009 but only for the licensed operators to offer the services.
  • Unlicensed Operations: As for using and participating in unlicensed gambling sites, both are prohibited. The following are punishable by fines and imprisonment; violations.

Regulatory Landscape for Bookmakers

The operations of bookmakers in Fiji are regulated to the highest standards to offer fairness to the clients.

  • License Requirements: Enshrised in the Gaming (Forms and Fees) Regulations, 2009.
  • Prohibited Bets: Any other type of remote interactive betting that is not authorized should also be allowed.
  • Allowed Bets: Not allowed except by the authorised operators.

Fiji Sports Betting

Live sports and the related betting options.

Soccer and rugby are the most practiced sports; however, other sports like cricket, netball, and volleyball also enjoy considerable attention. This is because the Fiji national teams have been doing well in the international competitions thus making the sports betting business lively.

  • Rugby: Fiji’s national sport. It has contributed to the world in developing great players and accomplishing great feats such as Rugby World Cup Sevens and Olympic Rugby Sevens.
  • Football (Soccer): Was enhanced with the help of FIFA. The national team has also achieved great performances in the OFC Nations Cup and the Pacific Games.

Notable Sporting Milestones

  • 1987: Fiji has a strong rugby team and participates in the Rugby World Cup getting to the quarterfinals.
  • 1991 & 2003: This year Fiji emerges as the winner in football in the Pacific Games.
  • 2007: Fiji rugby team qualifies to the quarterfinals of Rugby World Cup to beat Wales.
  • 2014: Vodafone Pick 6 Lottery is launched; Fiji’s first lottery.
  • 2016: This is the first-ever Olympic Rugby Sevens tournament and Fiji takes the gold.


However, there is still a rather dynamic growth of bookmakers and sports betting in Fiji and other related gambling services. Thus, the island nation presents a number of interesting prospects for both domestic and foreign businesses if they know how to avoid pitfalls of the legal system.

FAQ of Fiji Bookmakers

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