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Located in the western Pacific Ocean more than 700 miles south of Guam, Palau is part of the Caroline Islands and has its own unique history and a rather unusual approach to gambling regulations. Although, conventional casinos are generally not allowed there have been moves to legalize some forms of gambling and even sports betting. This article is a detailed analysis of the development of gambling legislation in Palau with an emphasis made on Palau bookmakers and sports betting.

Palau Bookmakers

1982: Has entered into Treaty of Free Association with the United States of America.

2003: The first bill on casino legalization was thus rejected by the President.

2010: A national referendum resulted in 59% of voters opposing legalizing casino gambling.

2013: Complete package of casino regulation prepared but not implemented.

2020: Palau Offshore Gaming Commission Bill presented, but not yet passed into law.

History of Gambling Laws in Palau

The following are the major changes that have taken place in the regulation of gambling in Palau over the years. The journey began with:

  • 1885: Occupied by Spain
  • 1898: Sold to Germany
  • WWI & WWII: Infected by Japan and then the United States
  • 1947: The United Nations administration over was transferred to the United States.
  • 1982: It entered into a Treaty of Free Association with the United States of America.
  • 1994: Gained independence and sovereignty on September 23, 1991 but still has a close cooperation with the United States.

Key Gambling Legislation Milestones

  • 2003: The first bill addressing the legalization of casino gambling was approved by Congress but was later on vetoed by the President due to the nation’s reputation.
  • 2006 & 2007: Out of the attempts made by Malaysian and Korean investors to set up casinos, the plans were not approved.
  • 2010: A poll of citizens conducted by a national referendum resulted in 75% of the population against legalizing casino gambling.
  • 2013: A set of casino regulation was developed but the same has not been implemented to date.

Regulatory Bodies and Prohibited Activities

The laws that govern gambling in Palau are quite strict to an extent. Key agencies include:

  • Special Prosecutor’s Office (OSP).
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Office
  • Foreign Investment Board

Prohibited Activities

It should be noted that there are no land-based casinos allowed, and any establishment of this kind will be prosecuted and closed down.

Online gambling is not banned but neither is it allowed. This is because operators cannot get Palauan gambling licenses hence there are no legal online sports betting, poker, and lottery sites in Palau.

Palau Bookmakers Licenses and Fees

As of now, Palau does not offer gambling licenses for the traditional or even the online gambling platforms. Proposed legislations have in the past not been successful meaning that Montserrat continues to have a ban on gambling.

Taxes on Gambling

Since there is no legal gambling operations in Palau, there are no particular taxes applicable for gambling. The revenue that can be generated from taxation of legal gambling is still unexplored, because of the opposition to such vices.

Sports Betting in Palau

Status of Sports Betting in Law

Only the electronic or other types of gaming are allowed; regular land-based sports betting is not allowed. This is because the laws that govern online gambling are not well defined, and hence locals are free to participate in online sports betting from international sites with no fear of the law.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

Despite the stringent gambling laws, Palau has a rich sporting history, highlighted by notable achievements:

  • Eric Shau: Ryan Lochte American swimmer Silver in 200m final in swimming in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Roman Tmetuchl: Weightlifting in the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, China, men’s 94 kg category.
  • Pacific Games: Medals in Swimming, Weight Lifting, Judo and Taekwando.
  • Micronesian Games: In various fields, achievement.
  • South Pacific Games: Medals in the same year in different sporting events.
  • World Games: In global competitions, successes.


Palau is not immune to gambling but the country’s attitude towards this activity is complex and depends on cultural and historical factors. The council of Chiefs’ stand against gambling is evidence of an endeavor to protect the traditional culture of the people of Palau as well as prevent the negative impact that gambling has on the society.

Although Palau does not allow the existence of gambling or sports betting in its territory, the possibility of receiving income is-repeatedly discussed. At the current time, Palau continues to be a country that does not allow and even discourages traditional types of gambling.

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