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Jamaica is one of the Caribbean island countries and the third largest island in the Caribbean. Besides, the island nation has also emerged as a centre of the gambling business, especially for the Jamaica bookmakers and sports betting. It is crucial that you learn about the gambling laws and the regulation in Jamaica. This article looks into the history, legislation and the present state of Jamaica bookmakers and sports betting, giving you all the information you need to know about this engaging sector.

Jamaica Bookmakers

1968: Proclamation of the National Lotteries Commission.

2010: Casino Gaming Act.

2014: Gaming laws for Caymanas Park to be changed.

2021: The signing off of the Casino Gaming (Amendment) Act.

2021: Having all the regulatory bodies of the gaming industry under the Jamaica Gaming Commission.

Evolution of Jamaica’s Gambling Laws

The historical background of Jamaica shows that the country has had a rather complicated relation with gambling. The framework of legal regulation of the gambling activities of the country is defined by the number of legislative acts, which have established the basis for the regulation of the industry and the protection of public interest.

  • 1968: Creation of the National Lotteries Commission as the governing body of national lotteries.
  • 1975: New provisions of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act concerning the licensing of scratch-and-win games and radio bingo.
  • 2010: Adoption of Casino Gaming Act which culminates into formation of Casino Gaming Commission of Jamaica.
  • 2014: Revamping of the gaming laws to permit Caymanas Park to accept bets by text and through cell phone and the provision of betting on syndicated races from the US tracks.
  • 2021: Enactment of the Casino Gaming (Amendment) Act in a bid to lure huge investments through integrated resort projects.

Jamaica Bookmakers and Sports Betting Control Bodies

Jamaica’s gambling industry is overseen by multiple regulatory bodies, each with specific responsibilities:

  • Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC): Regulates almost all forms of gambling including the issuance of licenses for conventional and online casinos.
  • Jamaica Racing Commission: This paper is centered on the standardization of horse racing and sports betting.
  • Casino Gaming Commission: Supervises all the casino activities and enforces the provision of the Casino Gaming Act.

Licensing and Fees of Jamaica Bookmakers

To get a license to work as a bookmaker or to provide sports betting services in Jamaica, one has to follow certain rules and regulations which have been laid down by the authorities. Here’s a breakdown of the licensing types and fees:

  • Bookmakers: The cost of license fee depends on the size of the business but the average annual fee is $10,000.
  • Sports Betting Operators: It costs $5 000 to begin, with an additional fee according to the revenues.
  • Casino Operators: Fees may cost from $50,000 to $100,000 based on the extent and the size of the casino.

Taxation on Gambling Activities

Policies on taxation in Jamaica have been set to make the gambling business pay its fair share of taxes to the government. The tax rates are as follows:The tax rates are as follows:

  • Land-Based Gambling Establishments: Ten percent of the gross profits immediately.
  • Bookmakers and Online Bookmakers: 16. 5% of gross profits.
  • Other Forms of Sports Betting: It was to be 9% of the gross profits.
  • Racing Promoter, Simulcast Racing: The number of subordinated and allegorical elements in the text is seven: 5% of gross profits.

Players also incur a 20 percent tax on any gambling winnings over JMD 15,000 (about USD 98) which is deducted at the source.

Prohibited and Allowed Bets

While Jamaica offers a rich array of betting options, it is crucial to understand what is permissible and what is not:While Jamaica offers a rich array of betting options, it is crucial to understand what is permissible and what is not:

Allowed Bets

  • Horse Racing: People can make their bets on the local and the international races all year round.
  • Football: It is allowed to place bets on local championships and matches of the international arena.
  • Boxing: Bets on such events as the major boxing matches are accepted.
  • Lottery and Scratch Cards: These still continue to be the common types of gambling in Jamaica.

Prohibited Bets

  • Online Gambling for Residents: Although, online betting is allowed to non-residents, it is forbidden for residents of Jamaica.
  • Certain Casino Games: Certain games of high risk are limited so that people do not gamble too much.

Jamaica Sports Betting: A General Analysis

Betting on sports in Jamaica makes the experience of the enthusiast more exciting. This is to mean that there are certain regulations that have been put in place that allow bettors to participate in this activity without necessarily being exposed to vices such as fraud.

Types of Sports Betting

  • Single-Event Betting: It covers a single event where the bettor can bet on the outcome like in a football game or a horse race.
  • Parlay Betting: This is a form of betting where one has to bet on several events and all the events one has bet on must be right.
  • In-Play Betting: Enables the gamblers to make their bets within the events which are being conducted in the live manner.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

Jamaica has a rich history of sporting achievements that have captivated the world:

  • 1975: West Indies cricket team with Jamaicans in the team, is the winner of the Cricket World Cup.
  • 1998: Jamaica’s national football team to the FIFA World Cup.
  • 2008: Usain Bolt, set new records in the 100m and 200m at the Beijing Olympics.
  • 2016: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce takes another gold in the Olympics in the event of sprinting for the third time.
  • 2021: Jamaica is one of the countries that tends to hold the regional qualification of the FIFA World Cup.


The Jamaican gambling business, especially when it comes to bookmakers and sports betting, is quite legal and contains vast potential for the businesses and the players. As a result of having a very comprehensive legal framework and an effective set of rules and regulations, Jamaica remains as a safe and indeed thrilling environment for gambling. Hence, it is imperative to know the modern trends in the industry as it progresses.

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