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Belize borders the Gulf of Honduras to the east and faces Honduras across the bay. Belize is an interesting Central American country since English is its official language, which can make the country more attractive for the international business, including the developing online gambling sector. Here is a detailed analysis of the aspects of Belize bookmakers, Belize sports betting laws, and regulation, types of bets allowed and prohibited, the licensing and fees, taxes on gambling, and a detailed description of sports betting in the country.

Belize Bookmakers

1995: Pursuant to the Computer Wagering Licensing Act.

2000: The coming on the scene of the Gaming Control Act.

2004: New Online Gaming Regulations were issued and became effective.

2013: Belize got to the quarter final of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

2018: Keina Martinez wins the women’s 400m hurdles title at the Central American and Caribbean Games.

History of Gambling Legislation in Belize

The current situation of gambling in Belize is quite legal, with the history of legislatures since the mid-1990s. The key pieces of legislation that govern the industry include:

  • Computer Wagering Licensing Act (1995): This Act was one the initial legislations formulated to cover online gambling in a particular country. It set up the Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board to regulate online wagering affairs.
  • Gaming Control Act (2000): This Act outlines the legal requirements for the conduct of all forms of gambling in Belize including, casino and other gaming establishments as well as over the internet. This act was last updated in 2004 to target specifically the online gaming operators.

Regulatory of Belize Bookmakers

The regulating body of Belize’s gambling activities is the Belize Gaming Control Board which is subordinated to the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment. This board is also the one that has the authority in issuing licenses and monitoring the operations regarding the Gaming Control Act.

Belize Gaming Control Board Responsibilities:

  • Licensing of all forms of gaming operations.
  • Supervising and controlling the activities of the gaming business for the purpose of combating fraud.
  • The duties and responsibilities of the government in the enforcing of the laws and regulations of gambling in Belize.

Prohibited and Allowed Bets

Most of the gambling activities such as sports betting, casino games, lotteries, and poker are allowed in Belize. However, the following restrictions apply:

  • Prohibited Bets: None of the betting activities may be directed towards the residents of Belize in relation to the online gaming business.
  • Allowed Bets: All types of gambling are legal and that includes sports betting, casinos, lotteries and poker as long as they are being carried out by the right and legal means.

Types of Licenses and Gambling Taxes

The following are the gaming licenses that are available in Belize and are suitable for various sections of the gaming business. These include:

  • Online Gaming License: Authorizes the provision of casino games, betting on sports, poker and other games of chance through the internet.
  • Gaming Machine License: Discusses the use and functioning of the gambling machines in the physical casinos and other gaming centres.
  • Bookmaker’s License: Especially for the bookmakers providing the services of the sports betting and other types.

Licensing Fees

  • Initial Licensing Fee: To the Government of Belize at the time the license is granted; The cost of the license depends with the type of license that one is to apply for and the size of the business one is undertaking.
  • Annual Renewal Fee: All the licenses have to be renewed every year and the payment of the renewal fees is done 60 days before the end of the current license period.

Gambling Taxes

The withholding tax on prizes is charged at 15% and this is the gambling tax for Belize. This tax is charged on all winnings whereby the government gets a share from the revenues that the gambling businesses generate.

Summary of Taxes

  • Gambling Tax: 15% tax will be withheld on the prize payments.
  • Player Taxation: There are no taxes on players winnings and the tax is taken by the companies that hold lotteries.

Features of Belize Sports Betting

This is because sports are well enjoyed in Belize especially football and basketball which translate into Belize sports betting. Key aspects include:

  • Betting Markets: The operators provide a multitude of betting markets such as local and international sports events.
  • Regulations: Every single sporting event betting must adhere to the provisions of the Gaming Control Act as well as the Online Gaming Regulations of the year 2004.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

Belize may not be a sports superpower, but it has had its share of significant achievements:Belize may not be a sports superpower, but it has had its share of significant achievements:

  • 1968 & 1972: It is on record that the country competed for the first time at the Olympic Games as British Honduras.
  • 1980: Supported the American led boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games.
  • 2013: Got to the quarter finals of the Gold Cup of the CONCACAF.
  • 2014: The person got a bronze medal in basketball at the Central American and Caribbean Games.
  • 2018: Kaina Martinez of took the gold in the 400m hurdles in the Central American and Caribbean Games.


Belize has a very proper way of managing the gambling sector as well as the bookmakers in Belize and the sports betting in Belize showing that Belize is keen to enforce strict policies. Due to a comprehensive legal base, numerous types of licenses, and defined tax requirements, Belize remains an advantageous jurisdiction for the online gaming businesses. This paper reveals that Belize would be a favorable jurisdiction for HNWIs and businesses interested in investing in the gambling industry since the country has a favorable legal framework that supports development in this sector.

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