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Being an island country in the northern Caribbean Sea, Cuba has a long and rather complicated history of gambling and sports. Although today’s Cuba is famous for its prohibiting of gambling, the country has a rich history of casinos, Cuba bookmakers, and even sports. Our focus will be on the country’s gambling laws and regulation, prohibited and allowed bets, licenses, fees, and taxes in the bookmakers. Also, we will focus on the main successes of Cuba in the sphere of sports.

Cuba Bookmakers

1953-1959: The Cuban Revolution led to radical change.

January 8, 1959: Fidel Castro takes the control of Havana.

October 1960: Hotel-casino take-over by the government and prohibition of gambling.

1959: Adoption of Ley 86; banning all forms of gambling.

Ongoing: Sports betting on the internet is still popular even if it is against the law.

Development of Gambling Law in Cuba

Gambling was once big in Cuba especially in the 1940s – 1950s where Havana was famously known as the Las Vegas of the Caribbean. However, this era came to a sudden stop after the Cuban Revolution.

Key Historical Milestones:

  • 1953-1959: The Revolution in Cuba led by Fidel Castro ended with Castro in charge of the country.
  • January 8, 1959: Castro’s men captured Havana thus putting an end to the previous order.
  • October 1960: Castro seized the island’s hotel-casinos and banned gambling thus forcing men like Meyer Lansky to flee the country and lead to a lot of losses for those in the gambling business.

The Laws and Regulations of Gambling Today

Specifically, Cuba’s main anti-gambling law, Ley 86 of 1959, absolutely prohibits any form of gambling. This law still is generally applicable, thus it is prohibited to conduct, establish, or engage in gambling activities.

Provisions of Ley 86:

Illegal Gambling: If one is found engaging or participating in the planning and running of unlawful gambling, one is liable to be arrested, charged, and even punished by a fine or even imprisonment.

  • Player Penalties: However, players can be prosecuted and imprisoned; the incidence of this is rather low, however.
  • Online Gambling: Thus, even though Ley 86 does not directly ban online gambling, the latter is outlawed based on the general prohibition of gambling.

Regulatory Agencies

There are no particular agencies that regulate bookmakers or gambling in Cuba because the activities are prohibited. The government has ensured the prohibition through the general law enforcement agencies without any exception.

Disallowed and allowed bet types:

In particular, due to the fact that there is a complete ban, there are no legally licensed bookmakers in Cuba at all. All forms of betting are strictly prohibited and this include sports betting. Still, sports betting is popular and is mainly done through unlawful online sites.

Online Sports Betting:

  • Legality: Although it is not stated in Ley 86 as prohibited but it is prohibited.
  • Surveillance: Online gambling is regulated in the country, yet regulation is rather weak, which makes many people engage in the activity more as a secret.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

There are no Cuban gambling licenses as the country does not recognize gambling hence no associated fees can be given.

Licensing Overview:

  • Availability: No Gambling license were available to use.
  • Fees: None of the fees are applicable for licensing.

Gambling Taxes

Currently, there are no specific gambling taxes in Cuba because all the forms of gambling are prohibited on the territory of the country.

Tax Summary:

  • Taxation: None because gambling is prohibited in this country hence no existent gambling advertisement.

Sports Betting of Cuba Bookmakers

Although it is prohibited by the law, sports betting in Cuba is pretty widespread, especially in the Internet. The love that has been cultivated for sports especially in boxing, baseball, and athletics is a driving force for this interest.

Notable Cuban Athletes:

  • Pedro Luis Lazo: He is considered as one of the best Cuban players espeically as a pitcher.
  • Iván Pedroso: A well known long jumper.
  • Javier Sotomayor: The following are the achievements; High jump world record holder.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones:

  • 1992 Barcelona Games: Cuba got 31 medals, of which 14 were of gold.

Boxing Achievements:

  • Teófilo Stevenson: There is a three time Olympic gold medalist here.
  • Félix Savón: It is a three time Olympic gold medalist.
  • Guillermo Rigondeaux: A two times Olympic champion.

Baseball Legends:

  • Omar Linares: Hence, this person is a three time Olympic gold medal holder.
  • Orestes Kindelán: A two times Olympic champion.
  • Antonio Pacheco: Olympic gold medalist in the year 2000 and 2004.

Track and Field Stars:

  • Javier Sotomayor: A two time Olympic champion as well as a holder of the world record in high jump.
  • Ana Fidelia Quirot: The 800 meters two time Olympic champion.

Volleyball Icons:

  • Mireya Luis: Three time Olympic champion and so on.
  • Regla Torres: A two time Olympic gold medalist is how this particular athlete can be described.


The context of the historical and political background of Cuba is also a significant factor that affects the country’s gambling industry. Although, there are strict laws that do not allow any form of gambling, including sports betting and Cuba bookmakers, the latter is conducted in a rather legal ambivalence. Nonetheless, the nation has a strong sporting background which keeps the populace engaged in betting on various sports. The analysis of Cuba’s gambling laws and their consequences can be useful for those who seek to study the interrelation between sports and betting in this special country.

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