Nicaragua Bookmakers

Central American nation of Nicaragua offers a rather unique perspective on the development of the gambling business. This paper will look at the ways in which the laws and regulations in the country concerning Nicaragua bookmakers and sports betting have affected both the local and international operators. This article gives an overview of Nicaragua’s bookmakers and an overview of history, legislation, regulatory bodies, licenses, fees and taxes, and major sporting events.

Nicaragua Bookmakers

1996: Creation of national lottery.

2010: Enactment of the Special Law 766 on the regulation of casino activities.

2011: The issue of legalisation of online casinos.

2014: Transference of regulation to the Ministry of Finance.

2015: New rules that were added under the act that falls under the Casino Control Act.

Background of Nicaragua’s Gambling Laws

The legislation of gambling in Nicaragua has always been closely connected with the general political and social changes in the country. In the 1960s and the 1970s the Nicaraguan Revolution which saw the Sandinistas overthrow the Somoza family in 1979 and from this time up to the present, gambling is prohibited in Nicaragua.

Gambling was strictly not allowed for the following couple of decades until the early 2000s. In 2001, the government of Nicaragua tried to pass a new law that would allow most types of gambling but for a long time, online gambling was still prohibited until 2011.

Key Legislative Milestones

  • 1996: National lottery as a legal framework.
  • 2001: An attempt was made to regulate gambling in the first instance with an emphasis on physical casinos.
  • 2010: Enactment of the Special Law 766 on the Regulation of Casinos and Gambling Establishments.
  • 2011: Gambling in particular the online casinos were allowed by the Special Law 766.
  • 2014: In this case, there is regulatory shift that has occurred shifting the powers of overseeing gambling to the Ministry of Finance.
  • 2015: The Casino Control Act of 2006 that introduced new details into the general laws of the nation but has no clear stance on online gambling.

Current Gambling Regulatory Framework

Gambling business in Nicaragua is controlled by several authorities that oversee compliance and setting the standards. The two main regulatory agencies are:

  • Control Board of Casino and Gaming Venues: Manages the activities of land based casinos.
  • Ministry of Finance and Public Credit: Comprises of the Financial Analysis Unit and the Treasury which are involved in issuance of licenses, regulation and taxation.

Licensing and Regulatory Agencies

Under the current framework, gambling establishments must adhere to specific licensing procedures and regulations:

  • Operating License: Through the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) for a period of twenty years and at a cost of two thousand dollars only. Extra charges, for example, for each registered machine are 20 USD and for each table game is 100 USD.
  • Treasury Licensing: Since the year 2014, the Ministry of Finance exercises supervision of the issuance of licenses and makes sure all the establishments adhere to the standards set.

Licensing and fees that bookmakers have to pay

It is mandatory for the bookmakers that are based in Nicaragua to acquire the relevant licenses. The costs associated with these licenses are:

  • Operating License Fee: USD 2,000 for the first time issuance of the bond.
  • Monthly Fees: The cost for it is USD 20 per machine and USD 100 per table game respectively.

These fees help filter out the unserious players in the market, thus, providing high-quality services and integrity.

Taxation of Bookmakers

Taxation policies for bookmakers in Nicaragua are designed to maximize revenue collection while encouraging compliance:

  • Tax Rates: There is no certain tax rate applying to online casinos; still, all the winnings are taxable. Winnings of more than $100 000 can be reported and it is recommended that players be aware of this.

Nicaragua Bookmakers and Sports Betting

This segment has expanded in Nicaragua, and there are specific laws regarding this business segment. Despite the fact that the main focus of the country’s legislation is directed at the land-based businesses, online sports betting is slowly being legalised.

Kinds of Bets and Rules and Regulations.

Nicaragua bookmakers offer diverse betting options, including:

  • Sports Betting: Offering of betting options in both the pre-match and live modes on a number of sports.
  • Prohibited Bets: Some types of bets, which are related to some prohibited events or activities, are still forbidden.

Representation of Sports Discovered in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s sporting history is rich, with several notable achievements in various disciplines:

  • 1952: Competing in the summer Olympic games.
  • 1998: This paper will discuss the achievement which Vicente Padilla made in the Baseball World Cup where he won a bronze medal.
  • 2008: This paper focuses on the achievement of the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics by a triple jumper Irving Saladino.
  • 2019: Neemias Queta is also winning gold medal in 400m hurdles at the Pan American Games.
  • 2024: More success and expansion in the future international sporting events.


The gambling industry in Nicaragua presents a rather diverse environment with certain prospects and issues. Having a proper legal framework and an increasing focus on sports betting, the country has a great chance to benefit from this profitable business. Thus, the legislative background, regulations, and possibilities for further development of the sector will help businesses and participants to make their way through the Nicaraguan gambling market.

FAQ of Nicaragua Bookmakers

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