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Uruguay is located in southeastern South America. On its north it is in contact with Brazil, on the west with Argentina and on the southeast it is in contact with the Atlantic Ocean. Has a long and continuous development of the gambling industry, especially in the sphere of sports betting. Read on to find out everything gambling legal framework, the workings of Uruguay bookmakers, the authorities and their licensing, taxation of gambling, and the history of sports betting in the South American nation.

Uruguay Bookmakers

1819: First lottery has been legalized in Uruguay.

1856: Sports betting legalized.

2005: La Banca got the first online sports betting license.

2017: Online gambling is allowed though sports betting is not allowed.

2022: The Senate passed a bill on Online Gambling.

history of Uruguayan Gambling Laws

Gambling has been legal in Uruguay since the early 19th century, with several key milestones shaping the industry:

  • 1819: The first lottery was legalised in the country, this signified the start of legal gambling in Uruguay.
  • 1856: The activities related to betting became legalized, including sports betting, which means that more and more people will engage in such activities.
  • 1882: The first set of legal frameworks on gambling is set to be put in place.
  • 2016: The Act for Gambling Games was established and was considered as the legal document that regulate gambling transactions.
  • 2017: The Law 19/535, particularly its Article 244, banned Internet gambling, but allowed the state lotteries and horse race betting.
  • 2022: The Senate has endorsed the Online Gambling Bill which is still being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies.

The functions of different Regulatory Agencies and Their Roles.

Several agencies oversee the gambling industry in Uruguay:

  • National Directorate for Inspection of Betting & Gambling Games: Liable for the issuance of permits for gambling businesses.
  • General Directorate for Casinos (DGC): Supervises and controls the casino and its activities.
  • National Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas (DNLQ): Responsible for overseeing state controlled lotteries and sports betting such as the SuperMatch online sportsbook.

Regulation and Control of Betting-Houses

All the only forms of the gambling business that are legal in Uruguay are land-based casinos and gambling halls. The licensing of the industry is quite rigorous, and the licenses are termed as concession agreements. Such pacts specify that casinos are allowed to be set up only in the tourism areas and these have to be connected with hotels.

Licensing for Online Gambling

There is no legal framework concerning the licensing of online casinos in the country of Uruguay. But entities such as La Banca that are owned by the state have been allowed to provide online sports betting services. The Ministry of Economy and Finance granted the first license of this kind in 2005.

License Types and Fees

The primary licenses for gambling activities in Uruguay include:

  • Land-based casino licenses: Such concessions relate to the tourism zones and the hotels.
  • Online sports betting licenses: It is up to this date only given to state-owned organizations like La Banca.
  • The charges for theses licenses differ depending on the activity to be carried out and the size of the business to be undertaken.

Taxation of Gambling Activities

As with any business, gambling revenue in Uruguay is taxed in order to eliminate cheating and contribute to the country’s finances.

Land-Based Gambling Taxes

  • Turnover Tax: A 0. Therefore, the total tax to be imposed on total gambling turnover should be 75%.
  • Income Tax on Winnings: Prizes that are 71 times inferior to the bet amount are exempt from this tax.

Online Gambling Taxes

At the moment, only such state-owned companies as La Banca are subjected to taxes on online gambling. Online lotteries and sports betting are among the taxable products and play a big role in the income of the state.

Sports Betting: Uruguay Bookmakers

Sports betting in Uruguay is legal and very alive, thus providing numerous possibilities for the players to place their bets on the preferred sports.

Legal Framework

  • Legalized Sports Betting: First legalized in 1856 Only canada and some of the American states legalised homosexual acts before the second world war.
  • Online Sports Betting: It has been done through state-owned and controlled institutions such as La Banca since the year 2005.

Regulations and Prohibited Bets

  • Allowed Bets: The available sporting events on which the bettors can place their bets includes football, basketball, rugby among others.
  • Prohibited Bets: There are also some restrictions including the fact that one cannot place bets on the minors or events that are not sports related.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

Uruguay has a rich history of sporting achievements, particularly in football and rugby:

  • 1930: Uruguay claimed its first FIFA World Cup; the South American team beat Argentina 4-2.
  • 1950: Uruguay won their second world cup trophy beating Brazil in the final match.
  • 1999: Uruguay rugby team was able to qualify for the Rugby World Cup for the first time.
  • 2000: Milton Wynants is a cyclist who took home the silver in the Sydney Olympics.
  • 2019: Uruguayan national football team became the winner of the 15th edition of Copa America.


The Uruguayan turf and especially the bookmakers and sports betting are well regulated and have a long tradition in the country. Looking at the current legal status, it can be noted that both land and internet gambling have bright prospects in the future. Given the current state of affairs, where the legalization and regulation of online casinos are becoming more possible, all interested parties and fans are paying attention. However, Uruguay Bookmakers remain legal and in operation today operating legally within the current laws and greatly benefiting the country’s economy and the betting fans with ways to engage in their favorite sports.

FAQ – Uruguay Bookmakers

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