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Suriname is a country located in northern South America, bordering French Guiana to the east, Brazil to the south, Guyana to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Gambling in the country has developed over time, therefore, allowing both the presence of physical casinos and online gambling sites. This article analyses the specifics of the legal frameworks of gambling in Suriname, with an emphasis on Suriname Bookmakers and Suriname sports betting.

Suriname Bookmakers

1962: Gambling laws set the minimum age at 18 and only allow tourists to gamble.

1996: Licensing of all forms of gambling and local citizens’ involvement.

2004: New measures that have been initiated to fight money laundering.

2009: Creation of the Gaming Board for the purpose of issuing licenses and regulation of gaming.

2021: New laws have been passed which defined the legal status of gambling over the Internet.

History of Gambling Law in Suriname

It can be said that Suriname has always been a gambling country since the first gambling law was adopted in 1962. At first, it was permitted only to the tourists, and the age limit starting from which a person could participate in gambling was 18 years, and this remains unchanged to this day. However, this was not the case and a major shift was realized in the year 1996 when all types of gambling were legalized for locals to engage in. This legalization paved way to the growth of casino business as there are more than ten casinos being built in Suriname by foreign investors.

Major Events in the Development of Gambling Regulation

  • 1962: The first law passed on gambling legalizing gambling, but setting the minimum age at 18 years and allowing it only for tourists.
  • 1996: All the types of gambling were legalized; people could join and invest money, as well as foreign capital could be involved.
  • 2004: New measures that were put in place in order to fight against money laundering caused the decrease of the number of operating casinos.
  • 2009: The Gaming Board was created in order to license and regulate the operations of gambling.
  • 2021: The laws were amended in order to define the legal position of online gambling and allow any game that can be played in a brick and mortar casino to be conducted over the Internet.

Responsibilities of the Gaming Board

The Gaming Board that was established by the president through an act that was published on the 2nd June 2009 as stipulated in the O. G 2009 no. 785 started its operations in 2019. It is a regulator of gambling that provides gambling licenses and online gambling licenses. Despite its importance, information pertaining to licensing, fees, and requirements is not easily obtainable through the internet, and is only available in Dutch, Suriname’s official language if one has to request for it.

Licensing and Regulatory Agencies

The Gaming Board is the most important governing authority that regulates all forms of gambling in Suriname. Owing to several problems that have plagued the sector in the past such as licensing and regulation, which at one time even the Association of Casino Operators did not know the number of licenses that were in existence, the sector has not been without some difficulties. However, the situation has changed and the Gaming Board is interested in the enhancement of the regulation of the gambling industry.

Types of Bets Allowed

Suriname Bookmakers offer a variety of betting options:

  • Football: Bets on the domestic and the international games.
  • Basketball: Bets on matches of football and other sports from various countries and championships.
  • Other Sports: That is cricket, table tennis and volleyball among others.

Licensing Fees and Taxes

Specific information on the payments for gambling licenses in Suriname and dedicated to the online platforms is not disclosed. However, as a fact it is stated that businesses related to gambling must send 50% of the income to the tax office. The specific breakdown of this tax is unclear, but it includes:

  • Lottery Tax: In the case of a gambling sector, 20% of the total value of the prizes or lottery tickets, as well as 10% of each prize won by a player.
  • Casino Tax (per device, per month in SRD – Surinamese Dollar):Casino Tax (per device, per month in SRD – Surinamese Dollar):
  • Slot machine: 400 SRD
  • Gambling table: 3,000 SRD
  • Roulette table: 4,000 SRD

Prominent Bookmakers

At present, Pasha Global and Suribet are the only companies that can be considered as the operators holding online gambling licenses in Suriname. It should also be noted that Pasha Global also runs several land based casinos and Suribet is in charge of the national lottery.

Suriname Bookmakers and Sports Betting

Sports betting is also quite popular in Suriname and many platforms provide an opportunity to bet on football and basketball, for example. Other forms of online gambling, including sports betting, became legal in the country in 2021; any game that can be played in a physical casino is allowed to be provided online.

The Sporting Event Milestones of Suriname Glory.

Suriname has produced many world-class athletes who have significantly contributed to its sports legacy:

  • Anthony Nesty: The first Surinamese Olympic champion in the men’s 100-metre butterfly at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.
  • Letitia Vriesde: First South American female athlete to win a medal in a World Championship, getting a silver in 1995.
  • Humphrey Mijnals: Surinamese footballer of the century in 1999 and represented Suriname and Netherlands.
  • Churandy Martina: He was rewarded a silver medal in the 200m during the Beijing Olympic Games that were held in the year 2008.
  • Frank Martina: The Dutch national team and several other European clubs former professional soccer player.


The current situation of gambling in Suriname can be described as quite dynamic, with its development being largely influenced by the changes in legislation and the appearance of new regulating authorities, such as the Gaming Board. The legalization of online gambling is something new that has been introduced to Suriname Bookmakers and betting fans of sports. As the country further develops its laws and legislations on gambling, it will be able to derive the financial gains from the activity while at the same observing on the effects of gambling on its citizens. Anyone who is keen on the possibility of gambling in Suriname must be aware of the current rules and legislation as well as the license.

FAQ of Suriname Bookmakers

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