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Lesotho is an enclaved country in southeastern Africa, Lesotho has a quickly developing gambling business, and in the last few years, the country has achieved much to manage its bookmakers and sports betting sector. This article aims to give an insight on the legal framework of gambling in Lesotho, legal frameworks, gambling regulating bodies and authorities, permissible and prohibited bets, gambling permits and charges, taxation of gambling, and of course Lesotho bookmakers and sports betting.

Lesotho Bookmakers

Independence of Singapore in 1966 and slow liberalization of the gambling business.

The genesis of the Casino Board in the year 1989.

The following activities are permitted, among others, sports betting.

Specific measures in licensing and taxation.

Some of the most successful moments for Lesotho in the field of international sports.

History of Gambling Laws in Lesotho

The history of the growth of the gambling business in Lesotho can be dated back to the middle of the twentieth century. Here are key milestones:

  • 1966: It is also important to note that Lesotho got its independence from the British Empire but did not take British gambling laws as a reference.
  • 1966-1975: Gambling was actually prohibited and very few details of this period are available.
  • 1975: The Lesotho Lottery Act was enacted and this law paved way for lottery business and birthed Lesotho State Lotteries Company.
  • 1989: The Casino Order was passed that set up the Casino Board and legalised the gambling business and permit private persons to carry out gambling operations.
  • 2014: The Lesotho Sun Hotel & Casino was shut down and was later on reopened as the Avani Lesotho Hotel & Casino.

Lesotho Bookmakers: Laws and Regulations

Regulatory Agencies

The main legal framework of regulation of gambling activities in Lesotho is the Casino Board, which was created by the 1989 Casino Order. The Casino Board is the granting and regulating body of all forms of gambling such as casinos and bookmakers. Although the Casino Order refers to casino business, it actually regulates many more games of chance.

Allowed and Prohibited Bets

There are strong laws concerning gaming in Lesotho and a vast number of activities are allowed. Here are some of the key points:Here are some of the key points:

  • Allowed Bets: Football, boxing, judo, cricket, long distance running and horse racing are just but some of the events that Bookmakers in Lesotho can take bets on. The people of Lesotho love their sports and this is why sports betting is one of the most common activities in the country. Lesotho bookmakers offer their services to different groups of people interested in sports betting.
  • Prohibited Bets: Most of the bets are allowed; however, any gambling activities that are not licensed are forbidden. The operators of the unlicensed premises are at risk of receiving heavy fines as well as possible imprisonment.

Licenses and Charges for Bookmakers Gambling.

All the gambling licenses in Lesotho including online and offline bookmakers are issued by the Lesotho Casino Board. Even if the board does not have an official website, the information concerning the licensing as well as the requirements that must be fulfilled can be found in the 1989 Casino Order and the 2012 Companies Regulations Act. Key aspects include:

  • Application Process: The license applications are made to the Casino Board and contain many details ranging from section 7 of the application for authorization and objections to section 20 of the license fees, gaming levy and income tax.
  • Fees: Licenses and gambling fees are set by the minister according to the specifics of the case. This way each casino and bookmaker will be required to make a payment of a fee that is relevant to its operations.
  • Renewal and Compliance: The licensees are required to strictly follow certain compliance norms and they have to renew their license from time to time.

Gambling Taxes

The following are the taxation structures that are found in Lesotho with regards to gambling activities. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Gambling Tax (Levy): Depending on the case, this tax is set as a percentage of the gross gambling yield and has to be paid by each casino and bookmaker.
  • Online Gambling Tax: The same gambling levy also applies to the online gambling operations hence there is equal taxation.
  • Additional Taxes: The gambling operators are also liable to the corporate tax at 25% of the profits made in the Lesotho jurisdiction and other general business taxes.

According to Section 20 of the 1989 Casino Order:

The following shall be made to the Commissioner of Income Tax or to such other person as the Commissioner of Income Tax may appoint in respect of each casino licensed under this Order such license fees, levies, taxes and other payments as the Minister may prescribe.

And Section 36 further elaborates:

Without derogation of the generality of the provisions of sub-section (1), the Minister shall make regulations with regard to fees, the gaming levy, taxes, and other payments under section 20.

This implies that gambling taxes are set for every operator to avoid prejudice and imposition of the wrong taxes in the industry.

Sports Betting in Lesotho

Football is the most popular sport in Lesotho, a number of its famous footballers for instance Bushi Moletsane and Kopano Tseka has moved to South Africa to play for other football clubs. Here are some key sports and events in Lesotho:

High-Contact Sports: The two most practiced are boxing, and judo, thanks to the numerous facilities and training regiments offered by the country’s police force.

Cricket: Despite the fact that the national cricket team has not performed well on the international sphere, cricket is still among the most practiced sports in Lesotho.

Running and Horse Racing: Long-distance running and horse racing are some of the most popular as well as famous forms of racing that are done both as sports and for fun.

International Competitions: Lesotho has been participating in the Commonwealth Games since 1974 and the Summer Olympic Games since 1972 where some of the famous athletes include Makhetha Mosito in running and Tšepang Sello.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

Sporting activities also form part of the development of the Lesotho nation as it has produced results to mark the country’s presence in the international map. Here are some notable milestones:

  • Makhetha Mosito captured the gold in the women’s 800m at the 2003 African Championships in Athletics.
  • The Lesotho national football team emerged champions of the COSAFA Cup in 2000 as well as clinched the COSAFA Cup Plate in 2002.
  • Kabelo Kgosiemang for instance clinched the gold in the 800m during the 2007 African Championships in Athletics.
  • Mosito Lehata clinched the gold in the 1500m event in the 2011 African Championships in Athletics.
  • The Lesotho cricket team clinched the ICC Africa division two championship in the year 2018.


The gambling industry of Lesotho can be described as quite developed and legalized and provides a lot of chances for bookmakers and fans of sports betting. The Lesotho Casino Board also has the responsibility of regulating the operations of all casinos in the country to ensure that they adhere to the set standards of the country’s gambling laws. Having a long history of sports and increasing popularity of betting and other related activities, Lesotho has all the potential to be one of the leaders in the African gambling market.

FAQ of Lesotho Bookmakers

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