DR Congo Bookmakers

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is emerging as one of the main areas of interest for the gambling business, including the land-based and the internet-based ones. The DRC has a poor political climate and an unfavourable economic situation, but it has one of the more liberal legislations concerning gambling businesses that can interest overseas operators. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss the DR Congo bookmakers, the sports betting laws, and the entire jurisdictional system that prevails in the country.

DR Congo Bookmakers

1927: Gambling was first legalized and it was on lotteries.

2005: Expanded gambling legislation.

2011: Gambling became possible to do online.

2019: Sports betting on the internet is allowed through the Interministerial Orders.

2020: New roles for ministries have been cemented in the regulation of the gambling business.

DR Congo Gambling Legislative History

Gambling in the DRC has therefore not been exempted from such changes as are rampant in most parts of the world. Here’s a timeline of key legislative milestones:

  • 1927: Gambling was first legalized particularly in lotteries.
  • 2005: New laws to cover other types of betting and gambling were passed.
  • 2011: The practice of online gambling was allowed, thus expanding the possibilities of playing with the help of digital technologies.
  • 2019: More rules were put in place by Interministerial Orders to regulate the aspect of online sports betting.

The Regulation of DR Congo Bookmakers

Several laws and decrees govern the gambling landscape in the DRC:

  • Decree of August 17, 1927: At the beginning the main concern was lotteries.
  • Ministerial Order No. 041/MJS/CAB/2100/2011: Legalised online gambling.
  • Interministerial Order No. 001/CAB/MIN/SL/2019 and Interministerial Order No. CAB/MIN/FINANCES/2019/133 of November 13, 2019: Provide the guidelines on the online sports betting as well as the taxes that will be imposed on the activity.

Regulatory Agencies

The government body that has the responsibility of regulating gambling activities in the country which also include sports betting is the Ministry of Finance. Other agencies involved are the Ministry of Youth and Sports that also controls the rates of duties, taxes, and royalties on gambling activities.

The Kinds of Bets that are Acceptable and the Ones that are Not Allowed:

Allowed Bets:

  • Traditional sports betting
  • Online sports betting
  • Lotteries
  • Popular games of chance which are available in casinos comprise of Slots and table games such as Blackjack and Roulette.

Prohibited Bets:

  • The term can be defined as any unregulated form of gambling activities.
  • Wagers made by persons who are below the legal age of 18 years.

The Licensing and Fees of Bookmakers

The gambling business and sports betting in the Democratic Republic of Congo are regulated by the Ministry of Finance; thus, a gambling license is obligatory to become a bookmaker. The licensing process involves:

  • An application to the Ministry of Finance.
  • Gathering the approval of the General Secretary of Sports and Hobbies.
  • The following are the necessary actions that one has to take;

Taxes on Gambling Activities

Bookmakers and other gambling operators in the DRC are subject to specific taxes:

Tax Rates:

  • Gross Gaming Revenue: 20%
  • Importation of Gaming Equipment: Here, 25 percent of the subjects participated.

DR Congo Sports Betting: The Background

Sports betting has also gained much popularity in the DRC especially due to the people’s interest in football and other sports. The national team commonly known as the Leopards has in the past done fairly well and has won the African Cup of Nations twice (1968 and 1974). The listed achievement has in one way or the other boosted the interest in sports betting.

Sporting Event Glory Milestones

The DRC has a rich history of sporting achievements that have fueled its sports betting industry:

  • 1968: It was an eye opener that saw the national football team emerge champions of the African Cup of Nations.
  • 1974: The Leopards clinched their second African Cup of Nations trophy.
  • 1984: Democratic Republic of the Congo Lists first time participation in the Olympics as 1968 and resumed participation in the Olympics after a short break.
  • 2010: TP Mazembe made a record as the first African club to qualify to the final of a FIFA trophy.
  • 2019: Formally, online sports betting were regulated through Interministerial Orders.


The Democratic Republic of Congo is a suitable environment for gambling especially sports betting. The DRC has the potential of being among the leaders in the gambling business due to the dynamic legal system, numerous types of bets, and a solid regulation.

FAQ for DR Congo Bookmakers

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