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Oman is situated on the southeast part of the Arabian Peninsula and shares borders with the United Arab Emirates in the north west, Saudi Arabia in the west and Yemen in the south west. This article is aimed at discussing the specifics of the Oman Bookmakers legislation in the field of gambling, the history of gambling legislation, information on the regulatory authorities, permits, and fees. We will also look at the details of Oman sports betting as well as some sports achievements that have defined the nation.

Oman Bookmakers

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1970: The formation of the Sultanate of Oman, gambling becomes prohibited.

1997: Amendment provides for confiscating all gambling equipment and money.

2011: Cyber Crime Law simply expands the prohibition of gambling into the online world.

2018: Royal Decree 7/2018 imposes tough measures to govern the gambling activities in the country.

2018: Oman National Football Team clinches the Arabian Gulf Cup.

Rules Governing Gambling In Oman

Oman also known as the Sultanate of Oman has not allowed gambling since its establishment in the year 1970. Based on Royal Decree 7/2018, gambling in all its forms is prohibited under the Omani Penal Code. The decree then goes on to state that gambling is any game that is based on chance, over and above skill or reason. Here’s a detailed look at the historical timeline:

Important Legislative Milestones

  • 1970: Gambling has been prohibited right from the time of the establishment of the Sultanate of Oman.
  • 1997: An addition to the law stated that any money or instruments utilized in gambling would be confiscated in their totality.
  • 2011: Cyber Crime Law was issued by Royal Decree No 12/2011 and, in particular, internet gambling as a prohibited activity.

Regulatory of Oman Bookmakers

The legal system of Oman is just a combination of the Islamic Sharia Law and the British Common Law. While Sharia law is mostly used in matters of family relationships, the written law deals with vices such as gambling. The following are some of the sections of the Omani Penal Code that address gambling in any form as unlawful.

Key Articles in the Omani Penal Code:

  • Article 232: Is defined as any game in which chance is the deciding factor rather than skill or reason.
  • Article 233: Anyone who establishes, manages or participates in gambling is liable to imprisonment for a term of between six months to three years and/or a fine of up to OMR 500.

Cyber Crime Law:

  • Royal Decree No 12/2011: It is therefore unlawful to gamble on the internet. Also prohibited is the provision of any information and/or advertising material on gambling in the internet, which is punishable by a prison term of one month to three years and/or a fine of up to OMR 100.

Licensing and Fees

Since all the forms of gambling are prohibited in the country, there are no specific licensing procedures and fees for the gambling operators in Oman. This entails both the physical and the virtual form of gambling activities. However, it’s important to note that there are legal duty-free raffles at Oman airports but these are quite limited in their extent and closely regulated.

Taxes on Gambling

Gambling is prohibited in Oman thus there are no tax legislations on gambling winnings in Oman. These are also classified as either land-based or online gambling. Even though there are some Omanis who engage in underground or online betting, they remain untaxed and uncontrolled by the government.

Prohibited and Allowed Bets

Gambling in any form is prohibited in Oman, including:

  • Land-based Betting: There is no legal gambling; no betting shops, casinos, or lotteries.
  • Online Gambling: The law provides severe penalties for online gambling; these penalties include imprisonment for a term that may not exceed three years and/or a fine ranging from OMR 3000.

However, when it comes to lotteries that are related to consumer promotions, Oman has an exception that makes such activities legal. For example, shopping malls, banks, and car companies also have lotteries in which if you buy a product, you are entered into a draw.

Oman Sports Betting

Even though there are strict laws against it, sports betting is not that easily noticeable. The Omanis frequently participate in the prohibited activities such as betting on camel races, bullfights, and other sporting events.

Sporting Milestones

Oman has had its share of sporting achievements, which have indirectly contributed to the culture of sports betting:

  • Ali Al-Habsi: First Omani Player to play for English Premier League team.
  • Ahmed Al-Maktoum: An American professional shooter and a multiple Olympic medalist in shooting.
  • Oman National Football Team: Champions of the gulf cup of nations in the year 2009 and Arabian Gulf cup in the year 2018.
  • Amna Al-Haddad: First Middle Eastern woman weightlifter to be qualified for the Olympics.
  • Mutaz Essa Barshim: Multiple Olympic and World Championship high jump medalist.


The Oman bookmaker and sports betting scene is quite regulated, most forms of gambling are prohibited by law. Though there is some underground and online activities, it comes with high risks. If one wants to venture into the legal issues then he or she must ensure that he or she is informed and careful.

Due to the cultural and religious beliefs in Oman, the country has banned gambling; however, it values its sportsmen and women and their victories, which indirectly affect the sport betting sector.

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