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The State of Kuwait is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq to the south and east respectively. However, due to cultural and legal barriers, people have shown their interest in betting on sports has increased, primarily due to technological developments and the enhanced usage of the internet. This article provides the information about Kuwait Bookmakers, evolution of these regulations, the functions of the regulatory bodies, and the characteristics of betting on sports in the country.

Kuwait Bookmakers

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1991: Strengthening of gambling laws after the liberation.

2014: Large-scale operation targeting and raid of gambling dens.

2018: Discussions in the political arena of possibly easing up on the laws governing gambling.

Ongoing: More and more people are using VPN in accessing offshore betting sites.

Future: Opportunities for legislative changes from the political and economic fronts.

Historical Context

The legal system of Kuwait has a significant impact on the gambling activity since it is an Islamic state and follows the Shari’ah law that bans gambling. These laws were reinforced after the country’s liberation from Iraq in 1991.

  • Pre-1991: Gambling was prohibited but in this case, measures taken to prevent it were not very strict.
  • 1991: After liberation, laws were reinforced. Article 198 of the Kuwait Penal Code, Title 10, Chapter 3 prohibited gambling in the country.
  • 2014: Major operations were conducted, such as the raid on an unlawful casino, which demonstrated the government’s intolerance.

Current Legislation

Article 394 of the Kuwait Penal Code outlines penalties for illegal gambling:

  • Fine: The maximum amount of the fine is 5 Kuwaiti dinars (equal to €15, $18).
  • Article 393: Also prescribes other consequences, including imprisonment for those providing any assistance in the organization of gambling.

Regulatory of Kuwait Bookmakers

There is no single authority that oversees gambling in Kuwait. Instead, various government departments enforce the laws:Instead, various government departments enforce the laws:

  • Ministry of Interior: Specifically, they are held responsible for maintaining law and order and ensuring that laws are enforced.
  • Public Prosecution Office: This deals with issues of law in as much as it involves legal action against the offenders.

Licenses and Fees

Currently, there are no laws that govern the offering of gambling licenses in Kuwait. Hence, there is no question of fees or taxes, which are not collected from the gambling operations since such operations are strictly banned.


Since there is no legal legislation on the issue, there is no taxation of gambling winnings. Nonetheless, expatriates who indulge in gambling risk getting severe consequences such as deportation.

Prohibited and Permissible Bets

Prohibited Bets

  • All Forms: Betting shops, physical casinos, and online gambling are prohibited in the UAE.
  • Organized Gambling: Even the physical and online types are strictly prohibited by the law.

Permissible Activities (Unofficially)

  • Offshore Betting: Some of the residents rely on VPN so as to access international betting sites.
  • Workarounds: Although the activity is prohibited by law, the absence of clear laws against online gambling makes it possible for some people to engage in the activity.

Sports Betting in Kuwait

Even with the strict laws that have been put in place, people continue to engage in sporting activities betting. They take place through offshore platforms often connected through virtual private networks, VPNs.

  • Popular Sports: Football, basketball and cricket are some of the most popular games that are played all over the world.
  • High-Profile Events: Tournaments like FIFA World Cup and Olympic games receive much attention.

How to Bet Safely

However, it is prohibited to bet, but some of the residents continue to do it secretly. Here are some tips:

  • Use VPNs: To securely get to the offshore betting sites.
  • Avoid Local Bookies: They are prohibited and dangerous.
  • Stay Informed: Always make sure to adhere to any changes in legislation.
  • Privacy Measures: Ensure you use secure and anonymous payment methods.
  • Compliance: It is important to understand that there are always certain legal implications that may be present.


It is therefore important for anyone interested in gambling activities within the Kuwait region to appreciate the various structures in the Kuwait Bookmakers and the Kuwait sports betting. Although the legal situation has not changed much and still does not accept such relations, changes in technology and human attitudes may open the way to legal changes in the future. For now, those interested in betting should go ahead but with a lot of caution as they will be in violation of the existing laws as well as going against the acceptable culture.

It is therefore possible to operate in the sports betting domain in Kuwait provided the person is informed and careful despite the country’s strict legal environment.

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