Cricket Betting Using Betting Sites

Open up the fun of cricket betting! Come with us as we breakdown the different manufactured cricket betting sites and how to go about betting. Everything from the alluring promotions and tips by the professional to the available betting options, this article has you sorted. Understand the mechanism of using statistics and research for getting the best of it, know how prop bets and special bets are interesting in cricket betting, and get familiar with its expanding market. Also, we will help you to select the right betting site for all your cricket betting requirements. Later on, get prepared to skyrocket your level with our detailed handout!

Cricket Betting

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Introduction to Cricket Betting

Cricket, oh cricket! The favorite sport that has enchanted people into millions all over the world. However, there are other aspects of cricket which you may not know about, or probably you must have thought that this is all that cricket has to offer you in terms of entertainment. Ah my friends, do you know about match-fixing or also known as cricket betting?

Well, just to make it clear, the fancy terms and excessive calculations may affect you. Cricketing betting can be define as staking on various aspects of a particular match or tournament. Is India going to make maximum runs? The specific type of victory is known as “by a certain number of wickets. ” These are just some of the exotic call you can make.

And, as if for the side-show, watching is never enough when you can actually participate in all the activities? Cricket puts an extra spice to each match and makes the game more than just a game when betting is involved. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to widen your knowledge and maybe even start making some additional money doing the thing you enjoy – watching cricket!

Hence, no matter whether you have been betting a cricket lover through and through or a beginner in the process, it’s time to immerse yourself into the world of betting in cricket. Now that’s it is, choose your favorite bookmaker, study your strategies and start placing those bets like a real champ! As you enter this exciting world of Cricket Betting, hopefully you will be lucky!

Compare Best Cricket Betting Sites

When it comes to cricket betting, the selection of the betting site plays the biggest role! Going through various brands, it can at times be very confusing. But fear not, because we’re here to help you compare two of the best cricket betting sites: Here are some online betting sites you might want to try: 1xBet and Betandyou!


As for the first ticket, it is time to discuss 1xBet. This bookmaker has one of the widest selections of cricket betting markets and has competitive odds. Both international and domestic league match betting options available on 1xBet are very impressive and extensive. They also provide a clean interface, that allows you to easily move through the site and place your wagers. If all of that has whet your appetite, you can now follow that up with their every live streaming capability where you can literally watch things happen.

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Betandyou Bookmakers

Moving to the next one, there is Betandyou. This famous bookmaker also has many opportunities for making cricket bets, which is also greatly deficient in other facilities. They have all kinds of cricket bets from the regular match-winner bets, to specific prop bets that the cricket enthusiast would love. Also, their promotional features such as free bets to their first-time customers alongside other bonuses, you are guaranteed of many possibilities of increasing your earnings.

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Therefore, whether you register with 1xBet or Betandyou, you will receive excellent options for every cricket lover willing to advance their passion for the sport and convert it into a form of entertainment and gambling!

Cricket Betting Site Promotions & Bonuses

Well, cricket betting became even more fun as the amazing promotions and bonuses in top betting sites! These bookmakers are just not leaving any stone unturned to target the cricket fans like you so gear up to avail some great offers.


Starting with the first, there is Dafabet which guarantees as much as £/$/€ 130 plus £ 5 free bets. Yes, as far as I understand they are practically tossing money away. Just picture all the more enhanced multiple bets of favorite cricket matches that you could be placing. The bonus that Dafabet is offering here is nothing less than a lure for any serious cricket bettor.

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But wait, there’s more! Betmaster is another bookmaker that understands how it is necessary to treat the clients. They give a mouth-watering bonus of as much as £1000 plus £10 free bets. Or maybe with that much of a buffer in the account you could be placing some really big bets on those exciting cricket matches.

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These exciting promotional offers and bonus that are sore up for you at Dafabet and Betmaster and other top betting sites means there has never been a better time to venture into cricket betting. Help yourself and join the action today to be familiar with the extent of these bonuses!

Cricket Betting Tips and Tricks

This is why the following are recognized as types of cricket bets available on betting sites:

As far as cricket is concerned, there are numerous types of cricket bets that can be placed on betting sites. Including the so called match winner bets up to the prop bets and special bets, the list doesn’t come to an end! One can wager on the team expected to triumph in the match or go for the total number of runs one party is likely to register in an inning.

Nonetheless, as we said before, if the users want to add some excitement they can produce the statistics in a more flashy way. There are prop bets such as whether a player will be/become lucky to hit the six or get a wicket. Or simply opt for the special bets such as who will be the man of the match. It’s definitely going to be one of the best things to find having many options because you will never get bored.

Making Use of Statistics and Research for Planning and Making Bets

When it comes to betting for cricket, one should always do research on the teams or the players they want to place a bet on. Ensure that you use statistics and any other research that may be obtained via the internet where making the bets. Always remember to look at statistics, assessing your team’s and your opponents’ results to make your predictions. Thus, analysing past results and having certain ideas about factors that can affect the result of the game, one can improve the strategy of bets and, consequently, increase the chances of getting a win.

Thus, Prop Bets and Special Bets of cricket racing team which can stuck in the online available information sources.

As much as one may think that usual bets such as match winner bets are the usual bets placed by cricket bettors, do not underestimate the fun associated with the prop bets and the special bets. The Propositional (prop) bets lets you to bet on events of the game like how many boundaries will be scored or whether a century from any batsman will be made.

Special bats increase the bet options to another level by giving such events as which team will be the winner of the toss and if there will be a rain to influence the outcome. The real money bets of this kind provide a sort of value to the match while at the same time making it more exciting.

Various forms of betting on cricket betting sites

Having decided to venture into the cricket betting hobby, it is high time that you learn the various bets that are offered on the betting sites. The same options will allow for some great predictions and make every game even more exciting!

Starting with the conventional type of bet, there is the Match Winner bet. This is just like predicting which team is going to win at the culmination of a game or a series of games. It is a basic choice recommended for novices who would like to begin with cricket betting attempts.

The second bet we have is the Top Batsman bet Next. Here a person can bet on which individual will make the most number of runs in a match or any series. Depending on whether it is Virat Kohli aggressively cutting through the field or Steve Smith’s perfect technique on the crease, this bet lets you to have the back of the batsmen.

Line bets are available and people can place bets on Over/Under of the runs or the wickets that will be scored or taken respectively in the match. You then bet if you think that the actual outcome will be higher than that line or if it will be lower than that line.

The presented opportunities in the world of betting platforms, such as 1xBet or Betandyou, suggest to take the cricket expertise and transform it into potential profits! Therefore, put on your lucky cricket jersey and discover these various cricket betting categories right now!

Probability and Sampling Surveys as Decision-Making Tools

Thus, it is possible to state that accompaniment of cricket betting cannot just be built on luck and instinct. The only way to aim to make a bet that has a better chance of winning is to use statistics and know what you are doing. Yes, I can just hear you now: statistics? Research? Yawn!” But let me assure you, it is far from that!

First of all, it is necessary to discuss such issue as statistics. With many facets of the game, from the scores made by the players to the wickets lost and batting, bowling, and fielding, statistics are everywhere in cricket. Through such statistics and trends which are extracted from previous matches and players’ performance, one gets a chance to harness important information that they can use in their betting.

Analysis is the next component used to place informed bets; the other component is research. Understand the team information, the players’ conditions and form before you place your bet. Search for relative performance trends in the way that the teams are operating under various circumstances or against specific competitors. This kind of knowledge will put you a class above the other bettors who are operating under the element of chance.

Therefore the next time you are getting ready to bet on the cricket match do not forget to bet with statistics and data. Yes it may take a little more effort but honestly, the benefits that come with are more than worth it. Gather this information and you will bet better standing a higher chance to get those bigger hits!

Understanding prop betting and special bets in cricket

Now people do not consider cricket betting as simply placing a bet on the outright winner of the match. Apart from the basic victory of the team, there are numerous interesting and rather unusual bets for cricket matches that will make the betting even more fascinating. Hence, these special bets or prop bets enable you to place a bet on a particular event or a particular occurrence in the ongoing match.

For instance, you could offer a proposition bet where the number of runs to be scored by a specific batsman in an innings or whether or not there is to be a hundred scored in the match. In a fashion, you can bet on even more specific things for example which team will hit the most sixes or which team will win the toss. The possibilities are endless!

Besides, prop bets help make watching the game more interesting, and you are given numerous chances to either rely on your head and/or guts to guess certain scenes within a particular match. Therefore every time you’re placing your cricket bets remember to consider these fantastic and exciting prop bets for a unforgettable betting.

Of course, it is then advised that before placing a bet, you should do some research in order to look at the performances of certain players and their relative form in order to try and correctly predict the outcome of the match. And who knows? Of course they might bring those prop bets some massive profits if some luck and good strategy are applied! Therefore, don’t hesitate and immerse yourself into this rich topic of prop bets for cricket – it is worth it!

Overview of the Market for Betting on Cricket

The popularity of cricket betting is a very extensive sea where countless opportunities and bets are waiting for the participants. It can be loads of fun learning about the cricket betting market and at the same time be knowledge that can be intimidating; fear not! You will not have to face it alone It is here that I come in.

But before that, we need to discuss some advantages that you can get when choosing the betting sites for the cricket bets. Other strength that is associated to these type of platforms include flexibility, security, and numerous types to select from. You can place your bet on the game type which could be Test Match, one day international (ODI) or T20 cricket games or you can take event bet where one could bet on events like international tournaments or domestic leagues. Oh wow, it’s like they are feeding you a platter of choices when it comes to betting on cricket!

As you look for the right bookmaker for your cricket bets, you should take the following into consideration. Please search really good bookmaker with good interface, with good odds, with a lot of payment options. Two well-known websites among the fans of cricket are BetWinner as well as Melbet – they cover a wide range of events connected to the matches and grants the users rewarding bonuses.

Research and statistics are also important not to be left out. Their use can provide a good element of surprise when utilised in placing further bets on the cricket games. One must assess the team’s records, achievement of the players, the pitches, every factor that can influence the game.

So get on to the world of cricket betting with these tricks and tips in mind! There are virtually hundreds if not thousands of ways one can place the right bets on this popular sport.

Cricket betting website benefits

Indeed, engaging in cricket betting and opting for online betting companies is a whole new ball game! Why? Well, that might make you wonder what comes with it here are the benefits associated with it.

First of all, flexibility can be pointed out as the most essential factor. Touted back then as going to a bookmaker or having to spend hours queuing. Being a form of online betting, that means you can bet on games anytime you want form the comfort of your Computer, Smartphone or any other mobile device . It feels as if you have a bookie in your pocket!

Nearly all types of online betting sites have various categories concerning cricket match and many tournaments. You will be able to watch domestic games as well as international games that are played around the world. From Test matches, ODIs, T20 leagues including the IPL or Big Bash and all of it can be found on these channels.

Cricket fans are mostly interested in betting sites that must offer bonuses or promotions to the users. Aside from the risk-free bets and bonuses that we have already discussed, there are many more ways that the online gambling platforms make your session even more attractive. Who would not like to get more benefits while watching the favorite sports?

So why wait? Although gambling on cricket is very risky, these reliable betting sites are perfect for betting on cricket online today.

How to Select a Convenient Website to Bet on Cricket

Betting on cricket is quite a task since there are many sites to choose from and not all of them offer the best services. But be calm, I have two brilliant bookmakers which I am sure you will like very much!


The first site that the player is likely to encounter is BetWinner. In any case, this brand appears to be an online betting platform with a multitude of cricket markets and competitive odds that will put shy smiles on every cricket fan’s face. From development and design, BetWinner provides simple and easy to use features with a neat workmanship of the homepage that guides users through their wide array of bets. Also, they have mouth-watering promotions and bonuses that will help set you on the right path on your cricket betting experience.

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Come second on the list is Melbet. The customer support ranges from being very good to the best depending on which this bookmaker executive deals with, while the markets have pleased the growing numbers of cricket lovers. Both the global competitions as well as local leagues are obtainable for betting on melbet. They also present live bets where you can see streams of the matches and thus bet as the match is being played.

Bet £30 Get £30 Visit Site

Well, whatever choice you make regarding using BetWinner or Melbet (or both, of course), you will realize that both are reputable sites where you will be able to engage in wonderful cricket betting with minimum issues!

Choosing the Right Cricket Betting Sites

In choosing the right cricket betting site there are some factors that should be taken into consideration. To begin broadly, you would of course like to get your hands on a trustworthy site. Find sites which have been active for a longer period of time and the sites that have been recommended by the customers.

The other crucial point that must be discussed is options of bets that are provided on the site. You require to have a site that pulls a large number of markets and different types of bets to enable you have the best bets that you want.

This means you ought to consider the promotion and bonus offered for by the betting site. To get the most out of the cricket betting sites, seek out the sites that offer big welcome bonuses or those that offer extra promotions for cricket betting. This can work to your advantage in as much as it can help increase your bankroll, meaning you stand to have more chances of hitting the big prize.

While choosing a site for cricket betting one should consider the reliability, choices and bonus offers. When taking all these aspects into consideration, you will be in a good position to identify the right site for all your cricket betting.


To sum up, more and more people start betting on cricket nowadays, and it is easy to understand why this is the case. This sport has a large number of bets on different sorts of sites, and, making the word ‘with’ in ‘with promotion and bonus’ mean opportunity, there are many ways to bet successfully on this sports. Thus, when applying statistics, and research, and studying such derivatives as prop bets and special bets, the coefficients’ analysis is more efficient. Furthermore, the important knowledge of the cricket betting market and selection of the proper betting site are the keys to successful cricket betting. It is therefore now the time to start placing your bets!

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