Create an American Football Betting Strategy

Have you been preparing yourself for getting into the wonderful zone of betting on American football? This post is your go-to guide especially if you’re new to betting or if you’ve been betting for years and want to know the best ways to bet. From recommendations of the most successful betting sites and bookmakers for American football to the explanation of bets, such as point spreads and money lines, to tips on the formation of a successful betting strategy, everything is here. Besides, we shall also let you know some of the most hunted events in betting that will have you at the edge of your seat.

American Football Betting

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Introduction to American Football Betting

Welcome to the world of American football betting dear reader, are you prepared? Put your helmet on and let the ride of your life begin! The American football it’s not just a game, it’s a culture! And what better way to bet up the feeling than by wagering a dollar or two risk in the game?

If you are a newcomer to this interesting sphere, let me briefly explain it to you. American football over under betting is thus the act of forecasting the scores for the particular NFL games and staking on the same. And it is all about the analysation of teams, stats of players and most of all – making decisions.

At this point, I dear insure that you are asking the most obvious question ‘But how do I even begin?’ However, there are a lot of great bookmakers at the moment that offer great odds and hundreds of different options to bet. Whether you are a pro fitness enthusiast or thinking of starting a new exercise regime it’s all here, do not worry if you have never worked out before we have all the information you need.

So why wait? It’s time to roll up your sleeves (or your jersey and get ready to take a look into the American football betting market on the Internet. As fans are treated to fast and frantic excitement every game day, it aims to do the same to your behind every time you watch a game!

Top American Football Betting Sites

Consequently, the selection criteria when it comes to American football betting totally defines one’s betting success at the bookmaker. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices that you can pursue in the market available to you. Now let’s take a closer look at two great bookmakers that have shown themselves outstanding in the sphere of American football betting.


Starting with our list, we have got 1xBet as the first one in line. This widely used site provides a large number of line up choices and fair odds for those into American football. With the friendly and easy to use interface and the large number of markets to bet on, you will never run out of options when it comes to placing your bets.

Up To £100 Visit Site
Betandyou Bookmakers

Following this, we have the Betandyou site that is another perfect choice for American football fans who would like to wager. From its easy-to-use software to the generous promotions, they aim to give the best betting experience whether you are new or experienced to the field.

Up To £120 + £30 Free Bets Visit Site

So whether if you are an American football addict or just a person who wishes to spice up his Sundays, these two bookmakers provide you with impossibility to get bored!

Best Sports Betting Sites for the NFL

To embrace the wonderful world of betting on American football, you will need to locate a reputable company, which can offer good chances and various possibilities on betting. Fortunately, there are a few of the highest quality sites that are focused on the American football fandom. Two of such are 22Bet and BetWinner.


First of all, there is 22Bet. This platform has received the appreciation from the bettors because of the simplicity of the site and a large number of sports available for the betting. American football is not excluded either; they have all the critically important leagues and tournaments that will give you many chances to make a bet.

Up To £122 Visit Site

Listing down the second site is BetWinner. Famous for offering fairly satisfactory odds and offering numerous bonuses and promotions, this company is especially popular among football fans in the United States. They provide a wide range of markets for each game as they enable a user to use different approaches in betting depending on their choice.

Up To £120 Visit Site

Similar to many other sports, 22Bet and BetWinner are both very entertaining when it comes to American football. If you are therefore interested in efficiency oriented bookmakers that will complement your betting endeavors in this exciting sport, please take a look at the website.

American Football Betting Type

When is comes to betting for American football there are several kind of bets that one can make including: Alright, let’s look deeper at each one and determine the best strategy for you!

The first type is Point Spread bet. It is a type of bet, where a bettor takes a side at a specific amount of points against the spread and wins if the favored team increases its lead by that much or the underdog fails to do so. It also makes it more fun as one is not only betting on the team that will triumph but the difference in goals as well.

Following it, we have Moneyline betting. The simpler of the two, here you are merely choosing who will be the victorious team. Thus, there is no point to be worried about point differences or anything like that. It’s then up to you to select your preference and hope it will be the lucky charm towards winning!

Sub-Total is one type of betting while Point Spread is another form of betting, Parlay betting, Over/Under betting and Teasers are the other types of betting you can engage in. Over/Under bets involve you betting on whether, in total, the scores of both teams will be more than or less than a certain number set by the bookmakers. With Teasers, you have the ability to move that point spread in your favor for even more thrilling bets.

Well, now that you are armed with the fundamental knowledge about the American football betting types, it is about time that you developed your winning strategies! Happy betting!

American Football Point Spread Betting

Let me explain, if you are a novice to American football betting, one of the things you invariable encounter is what is referred to as the “point spread. ” Well, in simple terms, point spread betting is a type of sports betting that is characterized by putting a certain point difference between a preferred and an opposing team. Here it is guys.

In other words, point spread betting is bets on which team will win a particular game and failing that on a side of the game by a particular number of points. Based on the projections by the sportsbooks and their analysis of the potential and likelihood of victories for the two teams making up each game, they fixed this margin. As an example, the point spread for Team A against Team B might be -3, this means that Team A must win by more than 3 points to make the bet win.

But here’s where things get interesting: for instance, even if Team A defeats the other team by a goal margin of 2;3, your bet is deemed to have lost because Team A did not meet the setparities of the spread. On the other hand if for instance Team A wins with a margin of 3 points, then the result is a ‘push’ and therefore your stake will be refund and it is all square again!

Well, that, ladies and gentlemen, is point spread betting in all its splendor! Thus, it raises the level of interest and the factor of the probability of a particular success in American football bets. Of course, do not forget to formally analyze those spreads before investing your money and may the odds be ever in your favor as well!

Moneyline of the American football Betting

Oh, you have your favorite team mask and now it’s time to rock and roll with American football betting! Out of all the bets, the Moneyline bet is a preferred one in this sport most of the times. It is clear, unpretentious and, if stars are aligned in the right way, it can bring a person a lot of money!

This is basically choosing which side will emerge victorious in the particular sporting event you are betting on, thus the name Moneyline bet. Of course, there is no necessary consideration of point spreads or over/unders here. Just pure prediction power! A Moneyline bet adds that extra edge whether you decide to root for the underdog or go with the odds on favorite.

Imagine this: You are at home watching a game with friends, two groups of players standing on the field and fighting. Cuts and thrusts in every play make your heart beat faster and louder. And then BAM! The team you invest your money gets a perfect victory in the final choral of the game. Yes, besides the thrill that comes with staking on your favourite team to win a match, Moneyline bets are a great experience.

So let the fun begin in the American football betting by getting into action with the Moneyline bets. Just in case, make certain to always take time and know about the teams, which are participating, their strengths, and weaknesses and then place your bet but this may sometimes be an underdog team that wins.

Over/Under Betting and Teasers

Is it time to up your American football betting game? And then it is possible to immerse in the astonishing Over/Under betting and teasers!

Over/Under betting incorporates the concept of total wherein bettor has to guess whether the total of the two teams will be over or under the value laid down by the bookmaker. This makes it even more interesting when you are supporting the two teams, praying they score many points or at least do not score many points. High scoring or low scoring, shoot out or defensive match, being part of the game would really be exciting. The choice is yours!

Okay, I think it is high time that I talked about teasers. Think about the possibility of getting more points in your direction when it comes to several games. Well, that’s what teasers essentially let you do! You can link two or more wagers and then change each point spread for even less of a probability. This makes it much easier for you and boosts your odds of success.

As for the American football bets, why not incorporate the Over/Under propositions and go for those teasers that can be so hard to resist? They bring in another level of fun and tactics than will see you shift on the edge of your seat with suspense in every game. You are going to need your seat belts for some hugely thrilling moments, the last seconds of the match or the game and glorious victories that will make even the famous quarterback Tom Brady green with envy.

Forming the Strategy of Betting on American Football

American football betting is one of the many popular ways of placing your bets and constructing an efficient betting strategy is as elaborate as developing an efficient team on the field. This game however is not a trivial one but requires a strategy, some measure of wit and maybe fortune. So, what can you do to design your own powerful strategy? Let’s break it down.

There is a general understanding of bets in American Football and its odds. In this game, you have to be acquainted with the numbers and how the probable payouts can be computed. Spend time and read through the wager possibilities and the related odds before placing your bets.

It is suggested to try to look for other types of American Football betting sites that have bonuses or promotions. For instance, an Indian rummy site such as Dafabet lays down £130 and five free bets for new client! This extra boost can therefore help you gain that all important competitive advantage in your bid to boost your profits.

Watch out for the frequently wagered events in American Football for instance the Super bowl or college bowl games. They usually draw more public interest and could have a bearing on odds or establish value for you and others like you who are inclined towards betting!

I would like to make a sidenote that the creation of an effective strategy towards betting on American Football does take time, relevant information, and the ability to alter in the future. So there is no further need to sit on the sidelines- Get in the game and begin developing your Communication Playbook now!

American football betting odds explained

If there is any key to the success of betting especially concerning American football then it is the odds. But no need to worry, it is not that complex as it might look like here. At the risk of sounding a bit repetitive – let me make it clear for you.

First off, there are three main types of odds: There is the American odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds. American odds use a plus or minus sign before a figure to make a proposition. Actual odds are expressed through assigning the plus sign to the underdog and the minus sign to the favorite. Decimal odds are quite clear – to put it simply, they defined how much money you could win if you invested one dollar. And last, but not the least, the fractional odds are American and are the expression of your potential profit in terms of the stake.

With that out of the way, there is probability implied in these odds we can now discuss. A larger positive integer as American odds, a smaller absolute value (the closer to 0 the better) in case of negative American odds, or a lower decimal/fraction value means a lower chance of victory per bookmakers.

Next time you are enjoying a football betting event on NFL matches, do not forget to refer to those numbers and make your decision with them! Happy betting!

Various Kinds of American Football Betting Sites

So if you are interested in boosting your American football betting then it is always wise to identify that right betting site that will meet your requirements. Fortunately, there is much to choose from and some wonderful bonuses are in store for you!


Now let’s begin with one of the gorgeous online betting sites: Dafabet. This bookmaker provides new customers with unbelievable bonus for you to get up to £130 as well as £5 free bet. All in all, the great variety of available markets and rather low odds make Dafabet a nice place for people who care about their win more than anything else.

Up To £130 + £5 Free Bets Visit Site

The second most preferable site is 20Bet. New members can get a bonus of up to £ 150 and they also provide an extra £ 150 in free bets for a recharge bonus! Its user interface and extensive focus on American football are convenient to use and gives the opportunity to bet on a great number of events.

Up To £150 + Recharge £150 Free Bets Visit Site

Thus, regardless of whether you are an experienced or a newly-joined bettor, these two bookmakers will provide you with everything they have to offer with them appealing bonuses and great functions. Now is the right time to place your winning bets and get ready to watch American football!

Most Bet Events in Football (American)

Looking at American football, there are certain events that can be vested and millions of fans and bettors pay their attention on. The Super Bowl is one such event that is annually played and regarded as the premier event of American Football. Without a doubt, it is not only a nation that is concerned with the performance of two competing teams in a football field, but also in numerous other aspects, which include staking on the toss, whether one team or the other will win the match or even which of the players will be declared the Most Valuable Player of the game.

Another usual betting event in the American football is the College Football Playoff. The objective of this tournament is to determine the superior college team from the participants. Due to overwhelming competition and uncertainty the game’s results, it becomes very interesting for bettors to participate on the betting games.

Of course it should be remembered that Thanksgiving Day itself might be followed by games! These matchups have become the tradition in every household in America and people spend their turkey evening watching football games on television. Watching your favorite team play or risking your hard earned money on a bet of your choice, the Thanksgiving Day games are always a welcome bonus.

These are a few of the most widely anticipated betting occurrences in American football that makes the fanatics and the betting enthusiasts to wait for the great days to come. Well, sit back, grab your food and drinks, call your loved ones and prepare to have a great time supporting the teams, not to forget every bet that will win in the process.


Betting on American football is indeed a unique way of supporting your favorite team or game while at the same time stand a chance to gain some cash. This is because there are numerous forms of bet and odds at ones disposal, to an average and amateur individual this becomes a herculean task. Nonetheless, it is crucial to comprehend the best practices in the venture since the odds of success can always be enhanced. You should always ensure that you are registering with a top bookmaker and making sure that you do practice proper research best events to bet on. So, what is wrong with sharing the love for American football by engaging in a little sports betting? But do not forget… grin… that gambling must be done with moderation and with pleasure.

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