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Greetings to the world of handball betting! Well if you enjoy watching this fast and rather exciting game, then why not elevate your interest by placing some winning bets? Below, you will find out everything you need to know about handball betting, including the best sites for betting, rules and features to consider. We will enlighten a reader with more information about handball bets and how they can place a bet successfully. Also, we will learn how to increase our win rate in handball betting using the statistical data analysis and tips on how to compare odds and make the right choice.

Handball Betting

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Introduction to Handball Betting

Hello and congratulations on finding yourself in the world of betting on handball! Still, if you are a sports lover, and you love to watch fast and dynamic games to bet on, handball will be more than a worthy candidate. Basketball combined with soccer and some features of ice hockey, this game has impressed the audience thanks to the constant activity.

Handball as a sports activity has grown popular in the last few years across the globe with millions of fans, where features such as Olympics and World Championships. And where there are fans, there is always something to bet for, I mean, if not on the game, then on anything else. Handball betting can be fascinating for every sports lover since it targets the Brainpower, expertise and experience while offering a way to turn each game into an interesting event.

Since there are many bookmakers, which cover handball events and types of bets allow choosing diverse options for the bets. If it is the basics such as moneyline bets or if you are looking to advance to other bets such as the over/under or handicap then handball betting is for you.

Well, are you ready to step into this fantastic world where the physical and mental performance combine with luck? To get more detailed information regarding the rules and characteristics of handball betting as well as to provide valuable tips and strategies, feel free to continue to the next sections. Together let’s get to the next level of Handball betting.

Best Handball Bettiing Sites

Hence, you have made up your mind to try some handball betting for the first time and that just makes it more interesting. My friend, you’re in for a rollercoaster! But it is crucial to consider that before we immerse ourselves in the awesome handball and its significant Central European passion, passion on the court, let’s make your bets count and discuss ways to find the best handball betting sites out there.


In this grand list of betting sites, we begin with one of the most stupendous sites called 22Bet. This bookmaker is as good as a bookmaker that managing to found itself in the list of the top best ones but no one knows it. I believe that due to the special and user-friendly interface, combined with a multitude of handball markets, bettors rush here. Plus, it has very competitive odds and the promotion that will be offered to you will make your heart racer!

Up To £122 Visit Site

The second last on our list is Dafabet – it is greatly considered a giant in the world of online sports betting. Variety is one thing that would not elude you when using Dafabet. They have a good variety of handball event for every country around the globe in their online platform. And they rescue their users with warm bonuses and competent support service, which never lets you down.

Up To £130 + £5 Free Bets Visit Site

Thus, I can assure you that both 22Bet and Dafabet are impeccable bookmakers focused on providing you with the best handball betting experience! Well now it is time to get your sporting spirit on and place those winning bets!

Experts and Bookmakers to Bet on Handball

And if you have circular-armed interest in bet on handball and handball betting then you will be glad to know that there exist many bookmakers who pleasure offers it. Such bookmakers include Betandyou and 1xBet. Such platforms have understood the need for engaging in betting in handball and have helped fans such as yourself to bet on your favorite teams/player.

Betandyou Bookmakers

Betandyou is a reputable bookmaker, which not only has many different sports betting lines but also has a special section for handball bets. Due to the easy-to-use and approachable features, coupled with rather small margins, one can quickly navigate their site and make the bets. They even pay tempting bonuses to new customers, which puts you in a better position to make the right bets.

Up To £120 + £30 Free Bets Visit Site

The second really good choice is 1xBet, which has rapidly climbed the Mountain of online bookmakers all over the world. They offer a broad range of sports, and within handball, there are abundant markets giving you an opportunity to wager on multiple options. Whether you are interested in placing bets before the match starts or during the match, 1xBet holds something that will suit the kind of punter you are when it comes to handball betting.

Up To £100 Visit Site

If you want to make your enjoyment of the handball match more interesting with something else and place the bets, then head to Betandyou and 1xBet. Here are these bookmakers that aim to bring the atmosphere of an incredible full of moments of passion and big wins!

Handball Betting Rules and Features Guide

It might seem at first that handball betting is actually something rather intricate to engage with, but once one to observe most of the characteristics of this sport and make some preliminary estimations, it could turn into quite an informative and interesting venture.

Now let’s dwell more on the aspect of bets in handball. Starting from the most basic one where users can bet on the simple match winner option and ending in total goals or the more limitation like handicap betting options there is a lot to explore. There are many of these different bet types and these are as follows, make sure that you endorse with these bet types that are noble to your style.

It therefore becomes very important for one to understand some of the strategies that are applicable in handball betting. Team statistics, each player’s current form, and other factors that can define a head-to-head encounter surely provide useful information for bettors. Check the injury or suspension list closely as both can affect the chances of a team in a match.

The details of bookmaker’s offer must be comprehended These are the features of the distribution of the outcome of playoffs and streams. Some of the bookmakers offer live streaming for particular games and this enables you to watch the games as you are placing your bets. Also, do not miss value betting before the matches themselves taking into account the comparative analysis of the odds.

With these principles and characteristics of handball betting identified, you will be able to fully appreciate this fast and fun-filled sport while earning some money on the side if lucky!

Different Handball Betting Types

Actually, if we speak about handball betting, there is much more than simple analysis of two teams. Yes, it is about making calls as to who is going to win the match and how many sets they are going to win. Oh no, my friends! In this full of adrenaline and very fast game there are a great number of the types of bets to place.

First off we have the simple money line bet that seems to occur in pretty much every match up that is set. This is where you just decide the side to back in the match, whether home side, away side or the draw. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! However, if you want to be a little more risky and take the bull by the horns, as it were, then check out an over/under bet. It is a type of bet where the bettor backs his/her hunch on the event that the total goals in the games will be over or under a line laid down by the bookmaker.

Oh yes, dear aficionados of sports betting, we should also not stay mum about the handicap betting. This is where one team is allowed a start on the game by being programed as having a virtual head start or a virtual hindrance. Thus, even if the team of your option was defeated by a lesser number of goals than estimated or, conversely, becomes a winner, your bet will still be effective.

And that is it – definitely only some examples of the handball bets that are available. Regardless if you are just starting your journey with bet on handball or believe you already know everything about it, use of all these options makes the wagering process even more fun.

Ways to Ensure the Right Handball Betting

Still, it should be remembered that there are many approaches that can significantly affect the outcome of handball betting. Well then, it is time for you to hold on your favorite lucky charm and start the list of winning tips!

First of all, this prospect goes back to research. In handball, anything may happen, but with the help of statistics concerning the teams and players, work rate and form, one can realize how certain teams form against others. Searching for the trends and factors that are likely to assist you in making better bets is a good approach.

Bankroll management is up next on our list. A bettor also needs to have a strategy regarding the amount of money that will be invested in a game of handball and how this amount will be managed efficiently. Do not compound a loss or get greedy about a large profit that can happen in the market. Realistically, they should avoid the problem of quickly depleting their cash, and instead make steady progress through the levels with the help of properly assessed and sound bets.

Finally, and far from least, there is the live betting on handball matches options available out there. The nature of the game is such that it is tailored for in-play betting because of the rate at which it unfolds. Work with changes in the odds and try to follow the course of a particular match and how the odds switch from one side to the other.

Improve your chances of winning in handball betting

The aspect of Handball as a betting sport and the rules to consider when betting on Handball are accompanied by highlight of some of the best bet types and features a bookmaker will come across when betting on Handball.

Therefore, recognizing the principles of handicapping as well as additional provisions concerning handball betting is the primary aspect in mastering this type of prediction. You can choose your team and cross your fingers – but there are things that you can do to improve your chances of winning a lot of money!

When it comes to handball betting, there several forms that bets can be made which are as follows; There is always a range from simple bets like match winner bets to more tricky ones, handicap bets for instance. You can also bet on specific players, or even the total amount of goals that is expected to be gotten in a certain match. As Alexandra said, that’s because the variety makes it interesting and does not allow getting bored easily.

The other necessary point to check is bonuses that can be provided by the bookmaker. The various bookmakers offer their distinct promotions, bonuses as well as odd on for the handball betting activity. Still, some may provide the free bets or cashback specials, while others may have the special boosted odds just for particular matches or tournaments. This is why it is important to take up these offers as they help put you in a better standings when placing your bets.

Knowledge of the rules of the match; features distinguishing the sport; and the specific offers from the bookmaker will improve your feel of the sport and certainly boost your chances of winning. Therefore, invest some of your time and go through this brief guide on this exciting game so you can be making sound choices next time you will be pledging your handball wager!

The extent of potential in bet on handball

Are you willing to activate your potential in handball betting? Are you in for some fun? Fast-paced? Strategy and the chance to gather big wins – all that is in store for you! Thus, the fans of high rates and staking on different games prefer this sport because handball is the most dynamically developing sport at the present moment.

To maximize on handball betting, certain factors must first be considered not only in terms of probabilities but also as trends. Record the goals’ difference, home and away form, and direct confrontations. These are areas in which a much higher level of analysis is advisable because in this way you will be more likely to devise bets that set you slightly ahead of the other punters.

Besides, the second strategy to apply to boost your handball betting success is to make the best of available various bookmakers’ competitive odds. Check the ratios presented in other reputable platforms that offer bonuses on first bets or initial deposits, in the case of Melbet and BetWinner. These promotions can go on to add a large sum to your wallet and improve your odds for handball bet wins.

Do not forget that increasing the possibilities of handball betting does not equal lucky – but smart, indeed! Employ strategies like targeting certain niches or employing the opportunities of in-play bets if the player wants to make the experience more thrilling. Bankroll management should be done professionally and never will a player bet more with an aim of trying to cover previous losses. memorizing opens opportunity doors for handball betting and therefore all one needs is to be well informed while working on the strategy.

Handball Statistical Research for Enhanced Betting

If you are ready to move to that next level of your handball betting then it is time to embrace the world of statistics. Some people may consider numbers as being so mundane, but bear me when I explain that they are the gate way to improving your standing as a shrewd gambler.

To begin with, let’s define which statistics can be used in handball as a priority. One should choose factors such as a goal scoring average, shooting accuracy, and defensive power. Don’t forget about the specific sportsmen – who is gaining points and who is losing them?

The next step is reading results of particular bouts – numerical confrontations of two fighters. Why not, check the prior season of specific teams in the past and finding out whether any characteristics stand out. Is one team likely to always overpower the other? Or do they have what can amount to a hate-hate relationship, in which they play frequently, often against each other? Hopefully, such pieces of information will be useful for your betting choices.

To monitor current form and injuries the following steps need to be taken. Unfortunately, is a star player in the locker room on the bench due to injury? Were the members of a team winning the games or missing out on the possibilities? Arguments that needs to be outlined relates to aspects that could significantly influence the result of the match.

Understanding these statistics of handball will enable you to arm yourself with vital information that will set you apart from the other gamblers. So pick up those stat sheets and start churning up those big victories!

Handball Betting Odds Comparison

In relation to handball betting it is extremely important to choose the best odd that can increase your chances of winning. That is why the odds presented by the various bookmakers should be ascertained before entering the market. Two powerful bookmakers with high odds and attracting bonuses are Melbet and BetWinner.


As for Melbet, it provides great start bonus bet £30 and get £30 so it a really good platform to start with special. This means you can get up to twice your deposit, hence having more playing capital in your casino account. I think, with the offer like that, Melbet is worth your consideration especially if you are concerned with bonuses.

Bet £30 Get £30 Visit Site

Meanwhile, BetWinner goes a step farther with the bonus of up to £120. What would it be like to have an extra £120 to bet on the most engaging handball games out there? This bonus provides added chances for you to win massive together with all of the fun that handball betting can offer.

Up To £120 Visit Site

As for the choice between Melbet and BetWinner, it is worth admitting that both the companies are good because they give the high odds and the incredible bonuses that can make your handball betting even better. Finally, do not let yourself to lose the great opportunities for shopping! Start benefiting from them today so as to can maximize on handball betting.

Tips to Consider When Betting on Handball

Indeed, the idea of betting at Handball can be as thrilling as the sport itself if you have certain pieces of advice in your pocket. Here are some tips that may assist you in increasing your from the chance of success.

Do your homework! It is recommended to study the teams, and their form and individual performers in the recent matches. If you have detailed information concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the teams in your betting pool then you stand a better chance of placing your bets.

Consider the odds carefully. Search for realistic prices, which are more or less than the real opportunities of teams, or other results in accordance with the bookmakers’ coefficients. This involves a proper research in relation to the various bookmakers with a hope of identifying the best possible returns.

Manage your bankroll wisely. If you want to make your shopping spree more enjoyable, it is better to set a certain amount of money you are willing to spend and then strictly follow it. One can be carried away by the emotions of the bets, and that’s why you should only risk and put money down that you can afford to be outsmarted by. Just to recall, Indian gambling should be entertaining and safe for everyone!

With this tips, you can now proceed and go over the exciting world of handball betting! Good luck!


Thus, the world of handball betting grows alongside with the popularity of the sport itself. Due to the offered types of bets numerous and presented strategies, it is possible to feel lost at the beginning of this kind of sports betting. Though given the constraints mentioned it is possible to maximise the potential handball betting through acquaintances with the principles and peculiarities of the betting, statistical indicators as well as comparative analysis of the odds provided by different bookmakers.

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