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Chad is in central Africa with its neighbors including Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south, Nigeria and Cameroon to the southwest, and Niger to the west; has a special gambling environment that was formed by the history and traditions of the country. This article probes into the legal system, rules, and important factors of Chad bookmakers and sports betting sector. We will also focus on major achievements, control authorities, types of permits and their costs, and taxation system.

Chad Bookmakers

1960: Lotteries are legalised first.

NAIE: The main competent authority for the licensing of gambling activities.

9% Tax: Gambling general tax on gross revenue.

Premier Bet: Market leader in the sphere of sports betting.

Strict Regulations: Promote the fairness of the industry and the transparency.

History of Gambling Laws in Chad

Gambling became legal in Chad after the country attained independence from France in the year 1960. At the beginning, only lotteries were allowed and accepted, but over the years, several forms of gambling have been legalized and allowed like sports betting. Below is a timeline of key events in Chad’s gambling legislation:

  • 1960: Freedom from the control of France; lottery gambling is now made legal.
  • 1980s: Casino gambling first appeared in the regulatory texts of the studied countries.
  • 1990s: Expansion in sports betting and other related forms of betting.
  • 2000s: Creation of the National Agency for Investments and Exports with a clear mandate of providing gambling licenses.

Chad Bookmakers’ Regulatory System

Legal Status and Licensing

Gambling in all its forms including bookmakers is legal and regulated in the country of Chad. The National Agency for Investments and Exports (NAIE) is the main authority that regulates gambling and provides licenses for the activities. Here are the key aspects of the regulatory framework:

  • Licensing: In order to conduct business of bookmakers or any other gambling establishments, operators have to get a license from the NAIE.
  • Penalties: Plying the trade without a permit attracts a two month imprisonment and fines of up to 2,500,000 CFA francs ($4000).

License Types and Fees

Businesses have to apply for gambling license and these come at a certain cost. The details of the licensing process, including the types of licenses available, are as follows:

  • Bookmakers License: For any establishment which is involved in the provision of services related to sports betting.
  • Casino License: It is used in operating the machine and table games in gambling.
  • Online Gambling License: Enables operators to provide online gambling services which include sports betting, and casino games.


The taxation policies with regard to gambling in Chad are described in the General Tax Code. Here’s a breakdown of the applicable taxes:

  • General Gambling Tax (Reduced VAT): The amount is 9% of the gross gambling revenue.
  • Local Taxes: Local authorities are allowed to increase the tax burden and such taxes may differ across the regions.

Sports Betting of Chad Bookmakers

Premier Bet is the market leader in Chad and sports betting remains one of the most popular genres of gambling. Other operators of interest are Pariez Cash. Both companies provide different kinds of betting services and products; the online betting and the traditional betting.

Types of Bets Allowed

  • Single Bets: The simplest kinds of wagers made on a single event.
  • Multiple Bets: When two or more different bets are place in one bet.
  • System Bets: A sequence of more than one bet on different possible outcomes of the event.

Prohibited Bets

Certain types of bets are prohibited to maintain fair play and integrity:

  • Betting on Amateur Events: To safeguard the young athletes and the beginners.
  • Insider Betting: Taking advantage of the information that is not available to the public to bet. In this case, the protagonist uses information unreachable to the public to bet.

Sporting Event Milestones

The history of sports betting in Chad can be divided into several events and accomplishments. Here are some notable milestones:

  • 2010: Premier Bet opens its first shop to place a bet in N’Djamena.
  • 2015: The company Pariez Cash now comes into the market and provide service for online and offline betting.
  • 2018: Chad’s national football team does well and qualifies for the African Cup of Nations, and this increases the activity of the sports betting.
  • 2020: Premier Bet and Pariez Cash increase their online services thus providing the locals and tourists with a chance to place their bets.
  • 2022: Tough measures that have been put in place to deal with the cases of betting violations.

Key Players and Events

Chad has raised several famous athletes who have gained fame among the people who engage in sports betting. Some of these athletes and events include:

  • Football: Chad’s national team has also done well in Cecafa types of tournaments.
  • Basketball: Some of the Chadian players have been able to play internationally
  • Athletics: Chadian athletes have participated in the Olympic games and other international games.


Thus, the legal and regulatory environment for bookmakers and sports betting in Chad is developed and remains progressive. The country has various forms of gambling which include the conventional betting shops and the contemporary online forms. The rules protection of the sphere, making it as fair and transparent as possible, giving a chance to locals and tourists to have fun.

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